Which Rotavator, Tiller or Cultivator Is Best?

Best rotavators, tillers and cultivators

When the days start to become noticeably longer and the first signs of spring are only a few weeks away, it is the wise vegetable grower and allotment gardener that turns their mind to the task of soil preparation for the coming season.

Needless to say this usually involves a lot of hard work, some of which can be avoided with the use of specific types of garden machinery. Help is at hand in the form of tillers, cultivators and rotavators (all earth turning devices that perform a similar task). In this post we’ll endeavour to shed some light on which machine may suit your needs best, so you know where’s best to buy a rotavator in the uk.

The size of your garden or vegetable plot will determine what size and style of machine you need to complete the job; it is also worth considering how often you will use the machine so you can better match the engine size according to intended usage.

Small Vegetable Patches

If you have a smaller-sized vegetable patch or even flower beds and border areas that need attention, a small-sized cultivator, often referred to as a mini tiller, will suffice. These compact tillers are usually very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, a prime example being the best selling Honda FG110 Tiller with a dry weight of only 13kg. This petrol-powered mini-tiller is equipped with a worm gear transmission that provides extra torque and performance under demanding conditions.

For a great quality product at a highly competitive price, look no further than Lawnmowers Direct’s own brand Lawnmaster and the incredible mini tiller. It’s perfect for small gardens, and for anyone with a tight budget it’s an easy choice.

Another small-sized petrol tiller well worth considering is the Honda FG201 Tiller with a slightly larger working width and larger engine, making it suitable for more regular use or on small areas where the soil is considered to be slightly heavy. Benefits to make use of with both of these machines are the conveniently placed carry-handles that, in combination with the fold-down handlebars, make these mini garden tillers excellent to transport in a car boot; especially useful for allotment workers.

Another excellent compact tiller in this category is the Husqvarna T300RS equipped with a Robin-Subaru engine and worm gear transmission for reliability. Also available for all of these mini tillers are the comprehensive range of lawn-care accessories from the relative manufacturer, turning your petrol powered mini garden tiller into a complete lawn–care tool.

Husqvarna TillerLarger Plots or Allotments

Allotment societies and gardeners lucky enough to have larger-sized vegetable gardens and plots will benefit from bigger, more powerful mid-tine petrol garden rotavators that are capable of working in varying conditions and soil types. The Husqvarna TF324 Cultivator is an excellent example, offering powerful performance with the inclusion of a reverse gear to aid manoeuvrability and crop protection discs for inter-row work.

The Honda F220 Tiller is a powerful machine with a lot to offer; with a weight of 29kg and tilling width of 545mm it offers terrific all-round performance. Keen vegetable growers will appreciate the extra power and performance of the Honda FG315 Tiller equipped with a powerful 135cc OHC petrol engine; the 800mm working width of this machine will tackle large vegetable patches with ease.

For those of you searching for a super-powerful garden cultivator or tiller that’s destined for some seriously hard work, the Honda FE500 Tiller fits the bill. Plots with varying conditions and soil types won’t slow this tiller down and an extra feature of this machine is the 31 ° handlebar swing-mechanism (left or right) so you can avoid walking on your freshly turned soil!


Now we move onto cultivating equipment designed for contractors and professional gardeners or those maintaining market gardens; in other words, people requiring large-sized professional petrol garden rotavators and rear-tine tillers. Machinery in this category is capable of dealing with heavy, compacted soils and breaking-up virgin ground when necessary.

The Husqvarna TR 430 is a heavy-duty cultivator which replaces the classic Husqvarna CRT 51 – a machine that has provided stirling service over many seasons. Equipped with rear-mounted, counter-rotating tines and large wheels with deeply grooved chevron tyres, it is suitable for a variety of tasks where power and durability are paramount.

Horticultural tasks demanding a truly adaptable, robust top-end cultivator will suit the Honda F510 Tiller perfectly. A wide working width of 660mm can be extended to 940mm with special extension tines whilst a further range of optional accessories, including a cultivation unit provide the professional gardener with the ultimate heavy-duty rotavator. Supplied with transportation wheels as standard, adjustable, y-shaped loop handlebars and three forward and one reverse gear, this heavy-duty tiller could possibly be at the top of every professional horticulturalist’s wish list!

Whatever your cultivating needs or tasks may be over the coming weeks please feel free to call us at LawnMowers Direct on 01245 383565 where our fully trained and qualified sales team will be happy to advise you on your forthcoming purchase. Whether it’s an allotment cultivator or tiller that you’re after where versatility and compact storage is important or to buy a rotavator in the UK where power and manoeuvrability are key features, we’ll be happy to advise.

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