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We’re based in East Anglia so if you’re local to our Ipswich or Norwich depots you can pop in to see us for warranty work, annual servicing, or if you’re looking to buy new parts or machinery.

If you’re further away from us, we can pick up your machinery for repair under warranty. This can take a little while to get to us, repaired, and then back to you again so sometimes it might be better to visit your local dealer for warranty work, or to save yourself carriage charges on work not covered by warranty. Below you’ll see a list of our machinery manufacturers. Click the links to find your nearest registered dealer, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like us to arrange a warranty repair for you.

For servicing we would always recommend taking machinery to your local dealer (and this is often necessary to keep your warranty going!)

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Billy Goat

Manufacturer Not Listed?

Not all manufacturers have a dealer network, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have repairs carried out when needed. Things work slightly differently with Bosch, and with our own brand Lawnmaster machines. Details of how repairs work with Bosch and Lawnmaster can be found below. If you have purchased a tool from us which comes with a warranty, and that product has developed a fault within the warranty period, please get in touch with us directly using the contact form below.


If you have had your machine for 28 days or less, please use the contact form below and we will collect the item from you, and arrange a repair or replacement. If you have had your item for 28 days or more, Bosch will arrange to pick up, repair (or replace if needed), and return your item to you within 5 working days of the fault being reported.

Arrange a collection through Bosch’s repair and collect service.


Lawnmaster is our own brand, so if you’ve got a problem with your machine and it needs to be looked at under warranty, please come to us directly. We’ll arrange to have the machine collected from you, and delivered to our Norwich workshop where our fitters will be able to carry out any necessary repairs. Outside the warranty period there may be a charge for this, so please provide us with your original invoice number where possible so we can check the details against our systems.

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I understand that items must be packed in a suitable box, and if I am returning a petrol product, oil and petrol must be drained before transit.