Petrol Owner Agreement

An important note to all customers purchasing petrol products:

  • Petrol is comprised of several different chemicals, and as a result it can go stale within just 6 weeks.
  • The evaporation of certain chemicals takes place, leaving a thick residue, which blocks the jets in the carburettor. This prevents the passing of fuel, regardless of whether fresh fuel has been added, and means that the engine will not start.


This is not a warranty issue. To avoid paying costly repair bills, please consider the following:

  • A clean, rust-free fuel can will prevent any dirt and grime mixing with the fuel, which can eventually block the carburettor jets. These are available from us from just £5.99.
  • A filter funnel will also prevent dirt from entering the fuel. These are available from us at just £9.99.
  • Fuel additive can be mixed with fresh fuel to prolong its life and keep it usable. This is available from us from just £6.99. Please note: additive will not revive fuel that has already turned stale.

When you buy a petrol product from us, you are agreeing that you have read and understood this information as part of our terms and conditions. If there is anything here which you do not understand, or would like to discuss prior to making your purchase, please call us on 01245 383565 or email [email protected].