Delivery Of Petrol Products

When we send out new petrol products, we make sure that they are ready for use by giving them a pre-delivery inspection prior to dispatch. This is commonly referred to as a PDI. The PDI is carried out by our trained workshop staff, and involves:

  • Taking the machine out of the box
  • Checking there is no damage
  • Making sure all moving parts are secure
  • Making sure that the accessories (such as instructions and grass collector) are included
  • Filling with fuel and oil to the correct levels
  • Checking operating controls (clutch, throttle, brake)
  • Testing the machine
  • Draining oil and fuel
  • Cleaning if needed
  • Repackaging for transit

We will also include the correct grade of oil for you to use in your machine. If you have a two stroke machine (usually hand-held such as hedgetrimmer or a strimmer), you’ll be sent a 100ml bottle which should be enough to get you started. For lawnmowers, we provide a bottle of four-stroke engine oil. If you have a Honda engine this will be a one litre bottle of 10W40 oil, while for other engines we provide 600ml of SAE30.

Lawnmower Starter Kit for petrol productsDue to regulations, we are unable to send out petrol. You will need to purchase petrol from a petrol station (or Aspen fuel from your nearest dealer) before you can use your new petrol product. We also recommend using a new plastic fuel can, a funnel with a gauze, and adding a fuel additive to your petrol before you put it into your machine. Modern fuel can go stale within just a few months, and small engines are particularly sensitive to dirt, rust, and water which might find its way into your fuel tank, so it’s best to take every precaution. Our lawnmower starter kit, and chainsaw safety kit can be useful additions when you’re making your purchase.

When your new product arrives, we recommend that you check it over as soon as possible. When you do this you’re looking for anything which might have been damaged in transit, or any parts which might be missing (if you’re being sent an item to follow, we will have made you aware of that). If you find anything amiss, please let us know as soon as possible, either by phone or email.

Next, you might need to put a few things together. Chainsaws usually need the bar to be fitted as this doesn’t fit in the box otherwise, while lawnmowers tend to need the handlebars raising and the grass collector will need to be put together.

It’s important to read your manual for information about how much oil and fuel you need to put into your petrol products. For two-stroke engines, the oil and petrol must be mixed before being put in the tank, while four-stroke engines feature a separate sump for the oil. The quantity of oil is especially important because too little or too much can cause engine damage which will not be covered by warranty. As your machine will have had oil in from our pre-delivery inspection, you will need to wipe the dipstick to make sure you’ve got the right level in there. Each engine is different, and for some you’ll need to use all the oil while other will only require three quarters of a bottle.

When all of that is done, add petrol (which has ideally been treated with Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit or Honda Fuel Stabiliser) from a clean can, through a funnel into your fuel tank. Your manual will also let you know if there’s anything specific you need to do with your machine before you get started, so it’s important that you have a read before starting up your engine. If there’s anything you’re not sure about; when it comes to petrol products it’s best not to guess. Please get in touch with us directly and we will do everything we can to help.