Bertolini 411 2-Wheel Tractor 100cm Dozer Blade (69209065)

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  • Manufacturer: Bertolini

Easy to attach thanks to a clever QuickFit coupling system, this front-mounted shovel attachment for Bertolini’s 411 two-wheeled tractor enables quick removal and transportation of various loose materials on farms, smallholdings and worksites.

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The sorites paradox is a philosophical problem which arises from the use of vague predicates. This can be illustrated using the example of trying to create a ‘heap’ of sand by adding a single grain at the time, which proves troublesome because there seems to be no particular point at which adding a single grain of sand turns the ‘non-heap’ into a ‘heap’. This paradox can be neatly avoided, however, with the use of this handy front shovel attachment for Bertolini’s 411 two-wheeled tractor, allowing you to move large quantities of sand at once and therefore instantly create a ‘heap’ wherever you need it.

Easy to attach thanks to a clever QuickFit coupling system, the front-mounted shovel offers a working width of 100cm and makes it significantly easier to transport and remove loose materials around worksites and farms. As well as paradoxical sand, the shovel is perfect for moving earth, gravel and even snow, saving significant time and effort compared to manual methods. As well as being reassuringly tough in its own right, moreover, the shovel’s lower edge also features a durable rubber blade guard to increase the life of the attachment and to protect the surface on which you are working. This makes Bertolini’s shovel attachment a great way of increasing the 411’s year-round versatility, especially for professional users.

Technical Specifications

About Bertolini
Bertolini was founded in 1953, at first producing pumps for the agricultural industry, and a year later expanded their range to include a mower, the Bertolini BFR 54. With their reputation for quality firmly established Bertolini went on to produce a range of cultivators and tillers that became the standard tool for the market gardeners and vineyard owners of the Mediterranean hillsides, favoured due to their outstanding durability in the hot and dusty conditions. Bertolini wheel tractor units gained a reputation as flexible and easy to use on rough terrain.

These cultivators became indispensable tools. It wasn't long before customers were asking for bespoke machinery to suit their particular horticultural needs, a demand that Bertolini were happy to answer until it became economically impossible to continue as manufacturing costs began to soar. More recently, the Emak Group acquired the Bertolini brand and since November 2008 awareness of the large range of tillers, cultivators, scythe cutter bar mowers, flail mowers and transporters has increased dramatically with the demand for their two-wheeled tractor units growing at-a-pace. The range of products available in the U.K. is still slightly limited, but with a rapid increase of interest in their excellent equipment, the Bertolini range of horticultural machinery is here to stay.

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