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Allett Buckingham 24H Petrol Cylinder Mower

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The Buckingham 24H is a hard-working, general-purpose cylinder mower with six-blade cutting cylinder. Suitable for both the serious home gardener and the semi-professional user, and ideal for achieving a striped finish on formal lawns.

Optional Extras:

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  • Allett Cylinder Mower Autosteer Seat | AST20
    Allett's Autosteer Trailing Seat, available for all models in the Buckingham range, allows the operator to sit whilst mowing and features an in-built steering system, making it easier and more comfortable to mow for longer.
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Product Description

For almost fifty years, Allett have been creating high quality cylinder lawnmowers, long used for maintaining the fine striped surface finish familiar from ornamental lawns, public parks, and bowling greens. This heritage is manifest in Allett’s Buckingham range, including the 20H, 24H and 30H, which are hard-working, general-purpose cylinder mowers capable of meeting the needs of both the serious home gardener and the semi-professional user.

The Buckingham 24H is a robust machine, ideal for use on formal lawns, parks and gardens, and even cemeteries and other ornamental grass. The high quality finish required when tending to these kinds of lawns is assured in the case of the 24H due to the presence of a precision engineered six-blade cutting cylinder, which delivers up to 73 cuts per minute. The scissor-like cutting action produced by this system offers a cleaner cut, allowing the grass to heal more quickly and promoting healthy lawn growth. The 24H is further enhanced by variable micro-cutting height adjustment, with cutting heights ranging from 5mm-35mm, allowing you to adjust the cutting height to suit the conditions of your lawn. As well as the cutting cylinder, the Buckingham 24H’s impressive 196cc Honda unleaded petrol engine also powers the double section steel rear roller, which drives the machine forward whilst producing a crisp and iconic stripe effect on the lawn in its wake.

With a 3.1 litre fuel tank, 96 litre polypropylene grass collector and a cutting width of 61cm, the Buckingham 24H is ideal for lawns of up to 550 square metres. With the addition of the optional Autosteer trailing seat, however, the operator is able to sit whilst mowing, making it even easier to mow larger lawns. The trailing seat’s in-built steering system ensures that the seat always follows the line of the mower when turning, making it simple to navigate around potential obstacles, and is available for all models in the Buckingham range.

Product Features

• Six-blade cutting cylinder, offering a cleaner cut and pristine finish
• Zinc plated steel front roller with bearings to ensure smooth operation, and a double sectioned steel rear roller with rolled edges, bonded rubber covering for grip, and pawl and ratchet fittings to prevent slippage
• 61cm/24 inch cutting width, suitable for larger lawns (up to 550 square metres)
• 196cc Honda four-stroke petrol engine with recoil start and a 3.1 litre fuel tank, operated via a single bale bar (including safety release mechanism), throttle lever and handbrake
• Fully variable cutting height (5mm-35mm)
• 96 litre impact-resistant polypropylene grass collector, adjustable grass rake, and height-adaptable handlebars for convenience
• The durable British made Buckingham 24H is also covered by Allett’s two-year warranty on parts and labour, offering even greater longevity

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor:Honda 196cc OHV
Power source:Unleaded petrol
Starting method:Recoil 
Deck material:Steel 
Cutting system:6-blade cylinder
Cutting width:61cm 
Cutting height:5mm - 35mm
Blade-brake clutch:N/a 
Collection bag:96-litres 
Mulching function:N/a 
Rear roller:Yes 
Drive system:Self-propelled
Weight: 111kg 
Warranty: 2 year 
Weight105 kg
About Allett
Allett is a wholly British-owned company (as British as queuing for a cup of tea or eating fish and chips while standing on a rainy beach) with a longstanding tradition in the design and manufacture of precision, single-cylinder, walk-behind mowers. Founded by Reg Allett almost half a century ago, Allett has since become a byword for a finely mown lawn across the UK, Ireland and continental Europe, and the distinctive black, silver and gold livery of Allett machines is recognised throughout the world. In fact, if you have ever stopped to admire the crisp, luxurious, striped finish on the ornamental lawn of an old country estate there is a good chance that one of Allett’s high quality cylinder lawnmowers was used to achieve it.

Allett’s cylinder mowers cut using a series of sharp rotating blades rather than a basic rotary blade. The cutting cylinder traps blades of grass between its spinning blades and cuts with a clean, scissor-like action, producing a crisp cut which heals more quickly for a healthier lawn. Thus, as well as the iconic stripe effect, cylinder mowers also ensure the most pristine finish possible, making them perfect for maintaining golf and bowling greens, sports stadiums, cricket wickets and outfields as well as public and private parks and gardens.

This has led to Allett machines being adopted by professional groundskeepers in all walks of life, including at many leading rugby and football clubs, country cricket clubs and the All England Club, Wimbledon. In addition to this, Allett has also been bestowed with the honour of being chosen by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to supply mowers for the upkeep of its immaculate cemeteries around the world.

More recently, Allett acquired the design and manufacturing rights for the former Atco and Suffolk Punch branded petrol and electric pedestrian cylinder mowers. These now form the basis for Allett’s Classic and Expert mowers, providing an even more extensive range of both domestic and semi-professional machines from which to choose. Thus, whatever your particular requirements, if you need to achieve a truly flawless striped finish on your lawn there is almost certainly an Allett machine ideal for you.

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