Ariens Self-Propelled All-Purpose Leaf & Litter Vacuum (995301)

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    Calling any machine an “all-purpose vacuum cleaner” is a bold move, as it does imply a level of versatility which may be hard to deliver. Ariens’ hardworking wheeled vacuum is not, for example, suitable for purposes such as tidying the dinner table after a meal, or for dentistry work on anything smaller than a blue whale. We wouldn’t even recommend using it around your house unless you’re prepared to have your carpets re-laid afterwards, as this baby will make your old Henry Hoover look pathetically underpowered by comparison. If what you need is a machine capable of clearing litter, leaves and debris from large outdoor areas with the minimum of fuss, however, then Ariens’ self-propelled All-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner (APV) may well be just what you have been looking for.

    Powered by an industrious 190cc Subaru overhead cam engine, this model’s self-propulsion system means that it is particularly suited to extensive clearance jobs, especially if working on uneven or sloped ground. Whatever the job, the power of this engine means that you will be able to work for longer without feeling the strain, while large (35.5cm) solid rubber wheels provide increased manoeuvrability on all surfaces to further ensure ease of operation. Ariens’ machine is therefore ideal for everything from clearing fallen leaves and litter from parks and playgrounds to vacuuming sawdust and debris from busy worksites and yards, with the engine delivering an impressive maximum flow rate of up to 14 litres per second.

    This, along with a working width of 78.7cm, means that Ariens’ powerful APV is pleasingly efficient even when faced with demanding clearance jobs. To help further boost performance the APV also features a 34cm fived-bladed impeller fan with serrated edges, producing a material reduction ratio of 12:1 in order to maximise storage capacity. And with a 195 litre collection bag supplied as standard you will therefore be able to work for longer without having to stop and unload the debris you have collected, saving valuable time and effort over the working day. Moreover, with its seventeen position suction height adjustment system allowing you to quickly select a clearance height suitable for the surface upon which you are working there are few jobs which this outstanding machine won’t be able to handle with ease.

    Further convenience is offered via a range of ergonomic features designed to make your working day as hassle-free as possible. The poly-felt material used in the construction of the collection bag, for example, combines with an integrated dust skirt for brilliant dust control so that you can work in complete comfort. Similarly handy in this regard is the Rite-Hite handlebar adjustment, which offers five different settings (three operating positions and two storage options) to ensure user-friendliness both while in use and when stowed safely away in the shed. Even the easy-access recoil starter helps to make sure that using this machine is a stress-free experience at all times, with a one year limited warranty also included as standard for added peace of mind.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine:   190cc  Subaru  OHC  
    Starting method: Recoil    
    Productivity: N/a    
    Nozzle:   78.7cm    
    Impeller:   5-bladed steel  
    Bag capacity: 195-litres    
    Drive system: Self-propelled  
    Gears:   N/a    
    Height adjustment: 17-stages via lever  
    Weight:   N/a    
    Warranty:   1 year    
    Weight 77 kg
  • Brand
    About Ariens
    The Ariens story is a true example of the American Dream. When times got tough during the Great Depression, Henry Ariens and his three sons – Steve, Leon and Francis – had to close their Brillian based iron works. However, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, this was merely a new beginning for the Ariens men, and with a $1,500 loan borrowed against Henry's life insurance policy and another $1,500 raised by selling shares of stock to a family member, the four men got back to work.

    The Ariens Company as we know it nowadays began in 1933, when Henry and the boys developed the first American-made rotary tiller and conducted a campaign to teach commercial growers, nurserymen and landscapers how the new Ariens Model A Tiller worked. Over the next two decades the Ariens Company became an established player in the lawn and garden market, and even won a U.S. Army Ordinance Award for crisis manufacturing during World War II. When Henry Ariens died in 1956 his sons took over the company and continued their father’s legacy by growing the business further and introducing a variety of new products, including the machine for which Ariens is best known: the Sno-Thro®.

    Today, Ariens’ Sno-Thro® is the leading snow-thrower brand worldwide with distribution in the US, Canada and Europe. As well as this, Ariens is now well known for producing a wide range of high quality gardening and lawn maintenance products ideal for domestic and commercial use, including their excellent lawn tractors and walk behind mowers, all of which are manufactured with the same drive for durability which motivated Henry Ariens back in his garage in 1933. Built to be tough but easy to operate, these heavy duty steel machines are engineered with commercial-grade cast iron gear cases and large intake components which set the standard for reliability and mean that Ariens products are often even passed down from one generation to the next.

    One would hope that Henry Ariens would have appreciated seeing Ariens machines being used by many generations of the same family, reflecting the way in which the Ariens Company itself has been stewarded by successive generations of Ariens, all striving to live up to Henry’s pioneering work. This commitment to the company’s humble origins is reflected in Ariens’ five Company Core Values: Be Honest, Be Fair, Keep Our Commitments, Respect the Individual and Encourage Intellectual Curiosity. As such you can always be confident of superb performance and dependability with an Ariens machine, even when dealing with the very toughest horticultural work.
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