Atco Liner 18 Push Roller Rotary Lawnmower

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    For those familiar with the world of rear roller lawnmowers, Atco is a name with deep resonances of quality, reliability and tradition, and these qualities are all manifest in Atco’s Liner 18. Sturdy, efficient and easy to operate, the Liner 18 is a hand-propelled rear roller mower suitable for anyone looking to achieve a high quality finish on fine lawns and turf.

    The Liner 18 features a cutting width of 46cm, and its large diameter full-width rear roller both makes the machine more stable during operation and leaves a crisp, iconic striped finish on your lawn as you mow. Quality of cut is further ensured by the inclusion of an anti-scalping comb, mounted to the front of the durable steel chassis, and a skid plate, which together with the precision engineered rotary blade help to produce an even cut across your entire lawn. Moreover, the Liner 18 also features five cutting height settings (20mm-70mm), controlled via an easy-to-use single lever system, meaning that you can adjust the cutting height to suit your lawn’s condition as it changes with the seasons. All of these features contribute to the pristine finish produced by the Atco Liner 18, whilst also helping to promote healthy lawn growth.

    A powerful Briggs & Stratton 500 E Series™ petrol engine, designed to offer optimum efficiency and performance, powers the Liner 18’s rotary cutting system. As grass is cut, clippings are gathered into a generously sized hard-topped canvas grass collector; an interesting extra feature here is that the collector incorporates an indicator to show you when the bag is full, making it easier to judge when to empty and improving collection performance. Alternatively, a deflector can be fitted in place of the grass collector so that the Liner 18 can be used as a rear discharge mower, such as for when cutting longer or rougher areas of grass.

    Offering durability, performance and efficiency in one neat package, all underlined by Atco’s outstanding reputation for engineering excellence, the Atco Liner 18 represents a fantastic investment in the quality of your lawn.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 140cc Briggs and Stratton 500 E-Series
    Power source: Unleaded petrol    
    Starting method: Recoil      
    Deck material: Steel      
    Cutting system: Metal blade    
    Cutting width: 46cm      
    Cutting height: 20mm - 70mm    
    Blade-brake clutch: N/a      
    Collection bag: Fabric/55-litre    
    Mulching function: N/a      
    Rear roller: Yes      
    Drive system: Push      
    Weight:   33kg      
    Warranty:   2-year      
    Weight 35 kg
  • Brand
    About Atco

    In 1921 the first 900 petrol-powered Atco lawnmowers rolled off the production line at the Atco mowers factory in Birmingham and were delivered, believe it or not, by a man on a motorcycle with a specially developed side-car for transportation of these heavy machines. Things have moved on a little since then for Atco mowers, but one thing remains the same — the quality of the Atco mowers and products is as good as it ever was, and even though they expanded into different areas of the garden machinery market, it is their cylinder mowers that they are best know for. The Atco name is synonymous with the British gardening scene and the company has been awarded two Royal Warrants, the first in 1955 from Queen Elizabeth II and again in 1986, this time from HRH The Prince Of Wales.

    Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Atco-Qualcast Ltd in 1995 and this brought a modern approach to the manufacturing process with the cylinder mowers that the company is famous for changing tremendously, becoming more light-weight with a marked increase in usability and performance; the introduction of the now famous QX Quick Exchange Cassette System, for instance, allows gardeners to change their lawn application needs without changing machine. Not happy with manufacturing the highest quality products, Atco leads the way in environmental compliance, being the first garden machinery manufacturer to be awarded the environmental management standard BS EN ISO 14001.

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