Bertolini 411/9H

Bertolini 411/10E Diesel Engine 2-Wheel Tractor Unit

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  • Manufacturer: Bertolini
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Suitable for prolonged hard work, the Bertolini 411/10E rear tine tiller is equipped with a key start for extra ease of use. A host of commercial duty features ensure that no job is too great for this machine. This diesel engine 2 wheel tractor unit can ship with several lawncare attachments to make the most of your new Bertolini machine.

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Optional Extras:

  • Bertolini 411 2-Wheel Tractor 70cm Tiller Attachment (69219060)
    70cm Tiller Attachment for Bertolini 411.
    £819.00 £734.95
  • Bertolini 411 Cultivator Turnwrest/Reversible Plough (Z0020104)
    An essential accessory when turning over soil, the Bertolini Reversible Plough is a 180 turn wrest plough that has mirrored mouldboards that move the soil, either left or right, when moving forwards. Turnwrest cultivators are useful for clearing weeds and ploughing the surface of the soil, with a flexible design that allows ploughing on either side.
    £369.00 £274.95
  • Bertolini 411 115cm Scythe Cutter Bar & Drive Unit
    Suitable for both the Bertolini 403 and 411 cultivators, the Bertolini Scythe Cutter Bar is essential for maintaining meadows and long grass areas where mowing is not undertaken regularly. (69229023 & 69229069)
    £895.00 £804.95
  • Bertolini 411 2-Wheel Tractor 65cm Roller Flail Mower (L0091000)
    A robust and heavy-duty flail mower unit for use with the Bertolini 411 2-wheel tractor units and ideal for clearing areas before cultivation, the Bertolini Roller Flail Mower is also useful for clearing paths through undergrowth.
    £2,359.00 £2,119.95

Product Description

The undoubted beauty of Bertolini’s various two-wheeled tractors is that they are remarkably versatile, with many models offering a variety of options when it comes to engine and attachments. This helps ensure that the specific needs of different users can be met, so all you need to do is find the machine which is right for you. This version of the 411, for example, comes with all of the manoeuvrability and durability you would expect of a Bertolini tractor along with the supreme power and convenience offered by a powerful diesel engine and electric key starting.

The engine in question is the powerful 441cc Lombardini 15LD440 diesel engine, which delivers consistently high torque performance, improved fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance demands compared to an equivalent petrol engine. This makes it ideal for heavy duty applications and frequent intensive use, so professional users will definitely appreciate its economical performance and reliability. One of the few disadvantages of diesel engines, in fact, is that they are sometimes harder to get started than their petrol equivalents, but with this particular model Bertolini neatly side-step that problem by including electric key ignition! This saves valuable time and effort during start up, making the 411 just as easy to operate as it is superbly powerful.

The 411’s impressive clout is complemented perfectly by the inclusion of a six-speed gear box featuring three forward and three reverse gears (made with oil-immersed gears for a longer service life). The finely tuned speed control this offers allows you to tailor the performance of the 411 to suit the task and conditions at hand, while its large, high grip chevron tyres mean that this powerful machine handles excellently even on rough terrain. Manoeuvrability is further improved by the 411’s differential locking system and independent brakes on each wheel, so getting around tricky areas of land is pleasingly simple. The 411’s height- and width-adjustable handlebars, meanwhile, can be reversed 180° depending on the accessory currently being used and feature an effective vibration-dampening system for comfort during operation.

Supplied with a rear-mounted towing hitch and a QuickFit coupling device as standard, the 411’s many and various attachments and accessories are the true key to its versatility. If faced with heavy duty soil cultivation, for example, you can equip the 411 with one of two high quality tiller attachments, while reversible and rotary plough accessories offer further options for working the land. For lawn care, on the other hand, you might want to invest in the 411’s 115cm sickle bar mower attachment, enabling quick, precise and efficient trimming of large lawns and uncultivated areas. Additional accessories include a flail mower, a rotary mower attachment, a powered broom attachment and a front-mounted shovel (all accessories and attachments available separately), so whatever your line of work there’s a good chance that the 411 will have something to offer. Bertolini’s 411 is thus a two-wheeled tractor unit ideal for all professional users working in demanding agricultural, horticultural and estate management settings.

Learn more about these fantastic machines in our free guide introducing the Bertolini 2-wheel tractor range.

Product Features

• Power supplied via an outrageously powerful 441cc Lombardini 15LD440 diesel engine, delivering consistently high torque for reliably outstanding performance

• Also featuring electric key starting to save valuable time and effort from the very moment you set to work

• Added control and versatility in a variety of situations ensured by the inclusion of a six-speed gear box featuring three forward and three reverse gears

• Compatible with a wide range of accessories (available separately) for brilliant versatility, including 65cm and 70cm tiller attachments and a 115cm sickle bar mower

• Attaching, removing and switching between various tools is made easy by the inclusion of a rear-mounted towing hitch and a QuickFit coupling device as standard

• Height- and width-adjustable handlebars can be reversed 180° depending on the current accessory being used and also feature a clever vibration-dampening system

• Fitted with a differential locking system, independent brakes on each wheel and large, high grip chevron tyres for complete control and manoeuvrability on rough terrain

• Additional accessories include a flail mower, a rotary mower attachment, reversible and rotary ploughs, a powered broom attachment and a front-mounted shovel (all available separately)

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor:441cc Lombardini 15LD440 diesel
Power source:Diesel   
Starting system:Key start   
Transmission:PTO Shaft  
Gears: 3 forward/3 reverse  
Tine configuration:N/a   
Working width:N/a   
Working depth:N/a   
Weight: 100kg   
Warranty: 2-year commercial  
Weight100 kg
About Bertolini
Bertolini was founded in 1953, at first producing pumps for the agricultural industry, and a year later expanded their range to include a mower, the Bertolini BFR 54. With their reputation for quality firmly established Bertolini went on to produce a range of cultivators and tillers that became the standard tool for the market gardeners and vineyard owners of the Mediterranean hillsides, favoured due to their outstanding durability in the hot and dusty conditions. Bertolini wheel tractor units gained a reputation as flexible and easy to use on rough terrain.

These cultivators became indispensable tools. It wasn't long before customers were asking for bespoke machinery to suit their particular horticultural needs, a demand that Bertolini were happy to answer until it became economically impossible to continue as manufacturing costs began to soar. More recently, the Emak Group acquired the Bertolini brand and since November 2008 awareness of the large range of tillers, cultivators, scythe cutter bar mowers, flail mowers and transporters has increased dramatically with the demand for their two-wheeled tractor units growing at-a-pace. The range of products available in the U.K. is still slightly limited, but with a rapid increase of interest in their excellent equipment, the Bertolini range of horticultural machinery is here to stay.

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