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Billy Goat MV650SPH Self Propelled Leaf Vacuum

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A four-wheeled outdoor vacuum cleaner designed for professional use and therefore ideal for clearing all loose debris from lawns, commercial lots, parks and city streets. Powered by a precision-engineered 187cc Honda engine.

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Optional Extras:

  • Billy Goat Multi Vac Caster Kit (840129)
    Designed to replace the fixed front wheels of your Billy Goat MV lawn vacuum, these tough, smooth running caster wheels swivel to help ensure maximum mobility, added ease of operation and a tighter turning circle when working on hard surfaces.
    £151.73 £144.95
  • Billy Goat Multi Vac Felt Bag Kit (840194)
    Designed as a spare or replacement for the standard turf bag supplied with your Billy Goat MV vacuum, this felt bag provides better dust control when used on hard surfaces in dry weather.
    £113.23 £108.95
  • Billy Goat Multi Vac Standard Turf Bag (840189)
    Available as a spare or replacement for your Billy Goat MV vacuum, this generously proportioned 151 litre hard-bottomed collector features mesh sides for an increased airflow ensuring optimal performance when collecting grass, leaves or other green waste.
    £113.23 £108.95

Product Description

Goats have long been used as nature’s waste disposal units, happily eating scraps, weeds, shoelaces, sleeves and pretty much anything else even vaguely edible that you might leave within reach of a wandering muzzle. Even goats have their limits though, and when faced with large quantities of dead leaves, litter and dirt you will be much better served by Billy Goat’s MV650SPH. This professional quality four-wheeled outdoor vacuum cleaner is designed for clearing all loose debris from lawns, commercial lots, parks, city streets, school grounds and pretty much any other surface where unwanted rubbish might accumulate, thus leaving the real goats free to deal with the kitchen scraps.

Powered by a precision-engineered 187cc Honda GSV190 four-stroke petrol engine, the MV650SPH stands out from its slightly lighter sibling (the MV650H) for featuring a handy self-propulsion system with a commercial grade three-speed gearbox. This makes longer periods of use much less strenuous, with even hilly terrain posing no problem. Moreover, the added control offered by three-speed system means that the MV650SPH will handle brilliantly when working in complicated areas at lower speeds, while also making it easier to get from one site to another quickly. When taking on the toughest clearance work, therefore, the added convenience offered by this system is pretty much indispensible.

Equally impressive, however, is the MV650SPH’s versatility. This is perhaps most obviously evident in the way that it allows you to customise the set-up to suit the working conditions at hand, with both the working height and vacuum inlet easily adjusted via centralised systems. In the case of the working height, a handy side-mounted lever can be used to ensure optimum performance regardless of whether you are working on grass or a hard surface. The 74cm wide covered inlet (or ‘gobbler door’, as the Billy Goat promotional literature terms it), meanwhile, features three distinct settings to ensure great results every time: open for use on turf; part open for use on hard surfaces; and closed for when using the optional hose attachment (available separately) to clear debris in hard to reach areas, such as in tight corners or under bushes.

Furthermore, a unique top-loading bag design and a generously proportioned 151 litre collection bag together ensure magnificent collection performance, quite possibly unmatched by any competing machine. This is because, unlike conventional leaf vacuums, being filled from the top means that the collection bag can be filled completely, thereby making the most of its impressive capacity. To boost performance even further the MV650SPH’s six-blade impeller fan also cuts leaves and other light debris as it is collected, reducing the size of the vacuumed material so that it takes up less space in the collector. Moreover, with a clever sliding mechanism also making it easy to access collected material, even disposing of the collected material is pleasingly hassle-free.

Such time saving ergonomic design is complemented perfectly by the MV650SPH’s remarkable toughness, with the sturdy but lightweight composite material used in the construction of the fan housing and chassis even more durable and corrosion resistant than steel. As such you can rely upon Billy Goat’s impressive vacuum to offer many, many years of magnificently dependable service, even when used for heavier commercial duties, and with a two year manufacturer’s warranty (either commercial or residential) also included as standard you can rest assured of complete satisfaction.

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Product Features

• Powered by a precision engineered 187cc Honda GSV190 four-stroke petrol engine, featuring a compact combustion chamber and overhead cam design to reduce fuel consumption
• Self-propulsion system features a commercial grade three-speed transmission system, providing superb control and making it easier to tackle varied terrain
• Also featuring a 74cm working width, a tough six-blade impeller fan, and an incredible 151 litre collection bag for great efficiency when tackling heavier workloads
• Unique top-loading bag design allows the collector to fill to the top, with a clever sliding rail system providing added user convenience and quick access for disposal
• Variable working height system and adjustable nozzle cover opening provide great versatility on both turf and hard surfaces, thus ensuring brilliant results every time
• Constructed using a rugged, low-weight composite material for the fan housing and chassis, offering superb durability and resistance against abrasion, corrosion and rust
• Compatible with a variety of optional accessories (available separately) and supplied as standard with a two year manufacturer’s warranty (either commercial or residential) to help ensure added peace of mind

Technical Specifications

Engine:190cc Honda GSV190
Starting method:Recoil
Impeller:6-bladed 1/4" steel
Bag capacity:176-litres
Drive system:Self-propelled
Height adjustment:Yes
Warranty:1 year
Weight74 kg
About Billy Goat
A long-time market leader in debris management systems, Billy Goat was formed in 1967 as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing. Gaining independence two years later, the company moved to its current manufacturing and logistical H.Q. of Lee's Summit, Missouri in 1974 and is presently owned and managed by the Coates family. The company has built its reputation on a foundation of producing products that not only outperform their rivals but also outlast them. Billy Goat are happy to admit that their products are tested rigorously before they reach the market place and this is probably the reason that they last for so long; many pieces of Billy Goat equipment are know to last for more than 15-years before they need replacing.

The products they are best know for in the U.K. are their wheeled vacuums, designed to collect fallen leaves and other garden debris which, normally speaking, is not a task that many gardeners look forward to each year. The Billy Goat range of wheeled vacuums is more comprehensive than any other available today with a machine to suit any size garden or budget, from the diminutive but effective Little Billy to the KV Series of machines designed for large property owners. Professional ground-care workers are not forgotten either with the impressive Multi-Vac commercial vacuums, not only capable of working all day to clear large parks and municipal areas but also at home in the biggest of domestic gardens.

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