Billy Goat QV900HSP QuietVac Self-Propelled Litter Vacuum

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    The problem with modern city life is that it tends to be crowded. As such, noisy tools such as outdoor vacuums are liable to inspire the ire of noise-sensitive individuals wherever you turn, which makes it difficult to keep streets, parks, hospital and hotel forecourts, school grounds, car parks and other busy urban environments looking suitably tidy. Luckily Billy Goat’sQUIETVACfour-wheeled outdoor vacuums offer a handy way of tackling all municipal cleanup applications without causing unnecessary headaches, keeping noise to a minimum while still producing truly professional quality results.

    The most powerful model in the QUIETVACrange, the QV900HSP is driven by a brilliantly hardworking 270cc Honda GX270 four-stroke petrol engine. Precision engineered, compact and superbly reliable, the GX270 is one of the most fuel efficient, high performing and quiet running engines of its kind available today. The inclusion of an improved camshaft and muffler, for example, reduces overall engine noise by up to 5dB and thus helps the QV900HSP live up to its status as one of the quietest leaf and litter vacuums in the world, all while ensuring enough power to tackle even the toughest commercial cleanup operations.

    This enviable effectiveness is also due to the QV900HSP’s impressive 83.8cm working width and tough six-blade impeller fan, which shreds dead leaves and other light debris as it is collected to reduce the amount of space taken up in the (admittedly massive) 136 litre collection bag. As such the QV900HSP will allow you to work for a reassuringly long time without having to stop and dispose of collected material, even during the autumn when deep drifts of fallen leaves would prove problematic for most standard vacuums. Suction power is further increased by the clever volute design of the housing and fan system, while a practical latch system eliminates the need for fiddly zippers and clasps to make disposal agreeably hassle-free.

    A number of other features make the QV900HSP even more remarkably user-friendly, most notably the self-propulsion system. Needless to say, compared to a hand-propelled machine this makes tackling rough or undulating ground a wonderfully effortless experience, but the fine speed control offered by the hydrostatic transmission is equally valuable. For example, with an easy access throttle allowing smooth adjustment up to 3mph it is easy to adapt the forward speed to the situation at hand; lower speeds will improve handling, making it easy to navigate around borders and potentially hazardous obstacles, while higher speeds make traversing wide, open areas quick and reassuringly trouble-free.

    State-of-the-art cyclonic filtration and a clever ‘Dust Sock’, moreover, further boost convenience by radically reducing dust levels in hot, dry environments (dust sock can be removed if working in wet conditions), while the QV900HSP’s height adjustment system (offering working heights between 1.25cm and 7.5cm) combines with the large rear tyres and front casters for outstanding manoeuvrability on both turf and hard surfaces. What’s more, given the range of optional accessories available (including on-board hose attachment and a parking brake kit), along with Billy Goat’s legendary build quality (with some machines still in use after more than twenty years of service), there truly are few better options for clearing up quickly and efficiently wherever loose dirt, debris and leaves might accrue.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine:   270cc Honda GX270
    Starting method: Recoil  
    Productivity: N/a  
    Nozzle:   84cm  
    Impeller:   6-bladed 1/4" steel
    Bag capacity: 136-litres  
    Drive system: Self propelled
    Gears:   Hydrostatic
    Height adjustment: 1.25cm - 7.5cm
    Weight:   90kg  
    Warranty:   2 year  
    Weight 90 kg
  • Brand
    About Billy Goat
    A long-time market leader in debris management systems, Billy Goat was formed in 1967 as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing. Gaining independence two years later, the company moved to its current manufacturing and logistical H.Q. of Lee's Summit, Missouri in 1974 and is presently owned and managed by the Coates family. The company has built its reputation on a foundation of producing products that not only outperform their rivals but also outlast them. Billy Goat are happy to admit that their products are tested rigorously before they reach the market place and this is probably the reason that they last for so long; many pieces of Billy Goat equipment are know to last for more than 15-years before they need replacing.

    The products they are best know for in the U.K. are their wheeled vacuums, designed to collect fallen leaves and other garden debris which, normally speaking, is not a task that many gardeners look forward to each year. The Billy Goat range of wheeled vacuums is more comprehensive than any other available today with a machine to suit any size garden or budget, from the diminutive but effective Little Billy to the KV Series of machines designed for large property owners. Professional ground-care workers are not forgotten either with the impressive Multi-Vac commercial vacuums, not only capable of working all day to clear large parks and municipal areas but also at home in the biggest of domestic gardens.
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