Bosch ART 23 Combitrim Electric Grass Trimmer

  • Product Details

    This powerful corded trimmer has been designed for maximum versatility: its innovative combination cutting system ensures it can be used with equal ease, whether simply trimming the edge of a lawn or dealing with more heavily overgrown areas. The trimmer comes with two spools, one of which features an especially strong cutting line for tough conditions. The “Pro-tap” spool ensures the efficient delivery of more line when it is required, and also prevents the line from tangling when the spool is changed: simply bump the spool on the ground and it will release more line to always ensure an efficient cut. There is a spool holder under the handle to store the extra-strong spool, so it is always easy to hand when required, and the easy “click” spool replacement system allows you to change the spool with minimum fuss.

    In spite of this combined cutting system, Bosch have worked hard to keep the weight of this trimmer to a minimum and make it as comfortable and easy to use as possible. Weighing only 2.7kg, it is light enough to use without discomfort, and the weight has also been carefully balanced according to ergonomic principles in order to avoid strain on the operator’s back and arms. The handle is height-adjustable to help you maintain good posture while trimming, and there is an auxiliary handle to allow for comfortable use in any working position. The 90° rotating cutter head allows for easy trimming and edging, and the angle adjustment on the trimmer shaft allows for easy working under low obstacles such as bushes or benches.

    This machine may be low weight, but it certainly isn’t underpowered: the 400W motor high-performance motor will deliver a powerful and efficient cutting performance. The 23cm cutting width is wide enough to cover ground efficiently, yet narrow enough to give an accurate cut and allow you to focus it precisely where it is needed. 

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Motor capacity: 400 W
    Cutting circle diameter: 23 cm
    Height adjustment: 80 – 115 cm
    Cutting system: Extra-strong line + “Pro-Tap” spool
    "Pro-Tap" spool: 1,6 mm x 4 m
    Extra-strong line: 6 x Ø 2,4 mm
    Weight: 2,7 kg
    Weight 5 kg
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    About Bosch
    Since the humble beginnings in Stuttgart, 1886, when Robert Bosch formed his own business manufacturing electronic components, the ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering' has become one of the biggest and best known manufacturers of domestic and industrial electrical products in the world. The willingness to improve on established designs started almost immediately and it is this ethos that has kept Bosch GmbH and Bosch lawnmowers ahead of their rivals ever since. This innovation is quite apparent in the present range of Bosch lawnmowers and garden products that include tools no other garden machinery manufacturer produces.

    Whatever size your garden, there is bound to be a Bosch lawnmower to suit it. The Bosch Rotak electric and cordless mowers exemplify the company’s willingness to innovate with features such as grass combs that enable mowing up to the edges of lawn borders and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with virtually no drop-off in performance after extended use. Aside from Bosch lawnmowers, notable inventions are the Ciso Cordless Secateur and Isio Cordless Shrub Shear, tools that allow users with physical weaknesses to carryout day-to-day gardening tasks without discomfort. There is no doubt that if a garden tool can be improved upon, Robert Bosch GmbH is probably designing its successor already.
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