Bosch Rotak 40 Ergo-Flex Electric Lawnmower

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    Some electric lawnmowers are only really designed for use in the smallest gardens and many of these will have their limitations cruelly exposed if you try to mow a larger lawn. But at the same time some gardens which are a little too large for your standard electric lawnmower still don’t justify all of the extra expense and hassle which comes with running a petrol machine, especially in densely populated towns and cities where the noise and fumes that petrol lawnmowers produce can be particularly unwelcome. What is needed in such circumstances is a powerful electric mower with a working width large enough to tackle routine lawn maintenance in medium sized gardens with ease, yet which is lightweight and user-friendly enough that mowing never becomes a hassle.

    Luckily, this description fits Bosch’s Rotak 40 Ergoflex like a (gardening) glove. Its 40cm (16”) cutting width will make mowing in smaller gardens seem entirely effortless, while even slightly bigger lawns can be maintained with pleasingly little fuss. Its hardened steel rotary cutterblade, moreover, has been specially engineered to produce a cleaner cut and boost airflow through the cutting deck, which helps to ensure that up to 99% of clippings are gathered in the Rotak 40 Ergoflex’s 50 litre grass collector.

    A range of additional features are also included to improve quality of cut. The addition of grass combs, for example, helps to prevent scalping and ensures great results even when mowing alongside walls and lawn borders. To ensure a precision cut in a wider variety of grass conditions, meanwhile, the Rotak 40 Ergoflex comes with six positions of variable cutting height adjustment (with settings available from 20mm to 70mm) controlled via a single user-friendly lever. Even better – and something which definitely marks out the Rotak 40 from some of its competitors – is Bosch’s “LeafCollect” functionality; this system uses the airflow produced by the cutterblade to gather leaves and other loose debris from the surface of your lawn, ensuring a brilliantly tidy finish all year round. The Rotak 40 Ergoflex thus offers a level of performance which far outstrips most electric lawnmowers.

    It can do this in part thanks to the consistently high levels of torque delivered by its 1700W Powerdrive electric motor, which works to ensure top grass cutting results in a wide range of conditions. Having an electric motor also means that Bosch’s Rotak 40 Ergoflex is quieter and cleaner running than any petrol lawnmower, as well as being easier to maintain and operate. The Rotak 40 Ergoflex is therefore perfect for use in residential and urban settings where noisier petrol equipment can cause headaches and general aggravation for all in the vicinity, helping you to maintain the peace with your neighbours at the same time as maintaining your lawn. Being mains-powered also means you can simply plug in and set straight to work, with no time lost to refuelling or any of the other demands placed upon you by a petrol lawnmower.

    This concern for convenience is evident throughout the Rotak 40 Ergoflex’s design, not least in the shape of Bosch’s brilliant “Ergoflex System”, with the cleverly designed handlebar AGR-certified to reduce muscle strain and improve working posture while you work, as well as providing unimpeded access to all controls. The Rotak Ergoflex’s lightweight design (only 13kg) and smooth-running, rubber-coated wheels, meanwhile, make this nippy little hand-propelled mower reassuringly manoeuvrable. These features mean that you will always remain comfortable and in control while you mow your lawn, with an integrated carry handle and a folding handlebar included to facilitate transportation and storage once you are done.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 1700-watt Powerdrivetm
    Power source: Mains electricity  
    Starting method: Safety button  
    Deck material: Plastic    
    Cutting system: Metal blade  
    Cutting width: 40cm    
    Cutting height: 20mm - 70mm  
    Collection bag: Plastic/50-litres  
    Mulching function: N/a    
    Rear roller: Yes    
    Drive system: Push    
    Weight:   13kg    
    Warranty:   2 years    
    Weight 15 kg
    Estimated Dispatch

    No longer available

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    About Bosch
    Since the humble beginnings in Stuttgart, 1886, when Robert Bosch formed his own business manufacturing electronic components, the ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering' has become one of the biggest and best known manufacturers of domestic and industrial electrical products in the world. The willingness to improve on established designs started almost immediately and it is this ethos that has kept Bosch GmbH and Bosch lawnmowers ahead of their rivals ever since. This innovation is quite apparent in the present range of Bosch lawnmowers and garden products that include tools no other garden machinery manufacturer produces.

    Whatever size your garden, there is bound to be a Bosch lawnmower to suit it. The Bosch Rotak electric and cordless mowers exemplify the company’s willingness to innovate with features such as grass combs that enable mowing up to the edges of lawn borders and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with virtually no drop-off in performance after extended use. Aside from Bosch lawnmowers, notable inventions are the Ciso Cordless Secateur and Isio Cordless Shrub Shear, tools that allow users with physical weaknesses to carryout day-to-day gardening tasks without discomfort. There is no doubt that if a garden tool can be improved upon, Robert Bosch GmbH is probably designing its successor already.
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