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    Regularly changing the oil in your petrol lawnmower’s engine is a vital part of routine maintenance, so anything which makes this easier has to be a good thing. But is an oil pump really a must have purchase? Very much so, as far as we’re concerned here at Lawnmowers Direct, as this Briggs & Stratton oil removal pump will make messy routine maintenance quick and straightforward, while also helping to ensure that your mower performs to its best for years to come.

    This because oil gradually gets dirty as you use your lawnmower, causing it to darken and reducing its ability to coat and protect engine components, necessitating an oil change every twenty five hours of operation. Every new lawnmower, moreover, will have manufacturing residues leftover in the engine which should be flushed out after the first five or so hours of operation. Failure to do so can have dire consequences, especially if dirt particles in the oil turn it into a mild form of grinding paste and damage engine components. Replacing dirty oil is thus a simple way of prolonging the life of your lawnmower’s engine, particularly for busy commercial contractors or anyone who regularly mows larger lawns.

    It’s also a process made even simpler by the Briggs & Stratton oil removal pump, which is supplied as standard with a manual vacuum pump, a four litre container with a lid, and a hose with a shut off clip. To use the pump you simply run the engine being drained for a few minutes beforehand to warm the oil, then insert the hose into the oil tank and start pumping; dirty oil is then collected in the four litre container, allowing you to dispose of it at a recycling centre. The additional inclusion of a funnel, moreover, helps when decanting dirty oil or when refilling your engine with new oil.

    This, needless to say, is much easier and cleaner than tipping your lawnmower on its side and draining old oil into a tray, especially if you are working with a heavy ride-on mower or garden tractor. Nor is the oil removal pump limited to use with lawnmowers, as it is compatible with all engine types and can therefore be used with any petrol tool. The Briggs & Stratton oil removal pump is therefore a great, low cost way of tackling routine oil changes with the minimum of fuss, as well as a handy little time and money saving device that every dedicated gardener should own.

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    About Briggs & Stratton
    The Briggs & Stratton Corporation is the world’s largest producer of petrol engines for outdoor power equipment, with Briggs & Stratton products designed, manufactured, marketed and serviced in over one-hundred countries on six continents. Beginning in 1908 with an informal partnership between inventor Stephen F. Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton, Briggs & Stratton quickly grew to become the world-straddling engine colossus that we know today.

    In 1922, the fledgling company set a record in the automotive industry by selling the lowest-priced car ever; the Briggs & Stratton Flyer. The company’s modern success, however, is founded on the development of the first lightweight aluminium engine in 1953. This breakthrough, along with the post-war growth of suburban communities with lawns that needed mowing, revolutionised the lawn and garden care industry and helped secure Briggs & Stratton's successful growth throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

    Mowers powered by Briggs & Stratton engines became an integral part of suburban life, with subsequent innovations including Easy-Spin® starting, lo-tone mufflers and an automatic choke only confirming the company’s position as industry leaders. This remains the case today, with over ten million small engines made every year and eight out of ten leading lawnmower brands choosing Briggs & Stratton engines to power their mowers. In addition to this Briggs & Stratton now also produces a wide range of its own lawn and garden equipment, including generators, pressure washers, snow throwers, and ride-on and walk-behind lawnmowers.

    Briggs & Stratton’s commitment to innovation and modernity has also led the company to become pioneers in clean engine technology, reducing the emissions produced by its engines by up to 75% since 1995. The latest development in this longstanding dedication to environmental protection includes the invention of Eco-Plus® technology, which reduces evaporative emissions by up to 59% for much cleaner running, more fuel efficient performance. Briggs & Stratton has even won a Halo Award from the Cause Marketing Forum in recognition of its efforts generating awareness of the environmental benefits of mower tune-ups, having conducted the Mower Tune-Up Month campaign in conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation.

    This ongoing dedication to providing the very best in innovative, user- and environmentally friendly power is precisely why Briggs & Stratton engines are still admired worldwide and used in all kinds of lawn and garden maintenance equipment, even over a century since the company was first established.
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