Bulldog Tools Newcastle Draining Tool With 28″ Insulated D Handle


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  • Manufacturer: Bulldog Tools

This Insulated Newcastle Drainer from Bulldog is ideal for digging holes, deep narrow trenches, channels, and post holes, thanks to its long and narrow manganese steel blade, solid-forged for incredible strength and epoxy-coated for durability.


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Part of Bulldog’s ‘Powerbreaker’ range of Insulated Digging Tools, the Newcastle Drainer is ideal for digging holes, deep narrow trenches, cable channels, pipe channels, drain channels, and post holes, thanks to its long and narrow blade. Manufactured to meet BS8020 standards, this shovel has been tested to 10,000 volts and is guaranteed to withstand 1,000 volts, supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.

The (L) 407mm x (W) 175mm blade has been solid-forged with the socket from a single piece of manganese steel for maximum strength (no welds or weak points). It has also been given an epoxy coating for added durability, while its round corners help to dramatically reduce the risk of damage to underground pipes and cables when digging.

Comfortable use meanwhile is ensured by the YD handle of the one-piece 28” (711mm) fibreglass shaft, its D-shaped enabling you to keep a firm grip on the Newcastle Drainer. Finally, the rubber collar around the socket serves to protect and insulate your hands for safe use at all times.

Technical Specifications

Weight 6 kg
About Bulldog Tools
Bulldogs are so called because they were once commonly used in the (now thankfully defunct) sport of bull-baiting. As such, it’s no surprise that over the centuries bulldogs were bred to be tough and powerful creatures. Bulldog Tools, on the other hand, is a UK based company which has specialised in the creation of high quality gardening equipment since 1780, when the company was first established at the Clarington Forge site in Wigan. Like the canine from which the company draws its name, Bulldog Tools’ range of equipment is made to be robust, strong and admirably reliable. As they are also built to last, purchasing a Bulldog Tool is always a long-term investment which offers great value alongside superb performance. In fact, the company is so confident in the sturdiness of its forged garden spades and forks that many tools even come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Bulldog Tools are still made at Clarington Forge today, making the company one of the oldest businesses still existing in the Wigan area and the only full time forge still making spades and forks within the UK. With well over two centuries of experience in the industry the people at Bulldog Tools have honed their craft to absolute perfection, creating a variety of superb spades and forks which have heads forged from a single piece of steel and securely riveted to a sturdy ash shaft. The use of these high quality techniques and materials has ensured that Bulldog Tools’ equipment is renowned across the world for its durability and effectiveness.

If this still hasn’t convinced you that Bulldog Tools is a company which offers something a little bit different than most, you should probably be aware that in 2010, as part of its 230th anniversary celebrations, Bulldog Tools broke the Guinness World Record™ for the largest garden spade in the world! Not content with this, Bulldog has since broken the record again with an even larger spade measuring an impressive 4.5 metres, which has also been displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Definitely more than just another tool company, then.

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