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Efco DS 2400S Petrol Brushcutter

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An impressively compact and easy to use brushcutter designed to professional standards, ideal for both commercial grass cutting applications and dedicated home gardeners.

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Product Description

Designed and built to professional quality standards but impressively compact and easy to use, Efco’s Premium brushcutters offer a perfect balance between power and manoeuvrability. The DS 2400 S is a case in point; lightweight and packed with handy ergonomic features, this exceptional machine also provides the power and versatility required to tackle a wide range of landscaping tasks, making it perfect for either commercial users or dedicated home gardeners.

The DS 2400 S’s cutting system is particularly notable, featuring a tough internal drive shaft and an aluminium bevel gear to guarantee maximum power transfer. Supplied as standard with both an efficient dual nylon line trimmer head and a tough metal brushcutter blade, the DS 2400 S is also satisfyingly versatile. For instance, with the trimmer head in place it is easy to manage lawn edges and other areas of grass inaccessible to a conventional lawnmower. The three-tooth grass blade, meanwhile, comes into its own when faced with dense undergrowth thick with weeds and tough vegetation, dealing with such challenges with remarkable efficiency.

The trimmer head also stands out for featuring both ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement and an innovative ‘Load & Go’ system, both of which serve to facilitate quick and easy servicing. The semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ system, for example, allows you to advance the cutting line by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground, while the ‘Load & Go’ functionality means that the head can be reloaded simply, quickly and easily without using any additional tools.

To ensure your safety throughout the DS 2400 S is also fitted with a protective blade guard which deflects clippings, stones and other debris while you work. For even greater comfort and convenience, the brushcutter’s design incorporates a number of ergonomic features, including a high-grip loop handle and a pleasingly effective anti-vibration system. Moreover, an extended shaft length means that you can always maintain a good posture while you work, thus preventing strain over extended periods of operation.

Power, meanwhile, is supplied via a hard working 21.7cc two-stroke petrol engine, built with an electronically controlled digital coil and a rev limiter for improved performance and greater fuel economy. For added durability, this engine includes a professional grade two-ring piston, a die cast cylinder with nickel plating, and a forged connecting rod and crankshaft, all of which help to ensure a longer service life and reassuring reliability. On top of this, the DS 2400 S also features a practical, spring-assisted ‘Easy On’ device to reduce starter cord resistance, along with access to both the choke lever and primer to further guarantee quick and hassle-free starting, saving valuable time and effort from the moment you begin working.

Product Features

• Driven by an efficient 21.7cc two-stroke petrol engine featuring an electronically controlled digital coil and a rev limiter for improved performance and fuel economy

• Also fitted with an ‘Easy On’ device to reduce starter cord resistance, with easy access to the choke lever and primer bulb further guaranteeing quick and hassle-free starting

• Supplied with both a versatile ‘Tap & Go’ dual nylon line trimmer head, featuring handy-semi automatic line advancement, and a tough metal brushcutter blade

• An innovative ‘Load & Go’ system guarantees straightforward line replacement, allowing you to reload the cutting line and resume work in just twenty seconds

• Equipped with a sturdy plastic blade guard to deflect clippings, stone, twigs and other debris thrown up by the cutting gear as you work, ensuring added safety and comfort

• Additional ergonomic features include a comfortable loop handle, an extended shaft designed to ensure good working posture, and a built-in anti-vibration system

• Also supplied with a comfortable single-shoulder harness designed to prevent strain during protracted periods of use

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor:21.7cc 2-stroke
Power source:Petrol / oil mixture
Starting method:Recoil 
Fuel tank capacity:0.4-litres 
Anti-vibration system:N/a 
Harness: N/a 
Cutting System:Nylon line & metal blade 
Cutting width:N/a 
Adjustable length:N/a 
Weight: 4.8kg 
Warranty: 2-year domestic
Weight6 kg
About Efco
Giacomo Ferretti set the foundations of the Efco brand on the road to success back in 1978, spotting an opportunity to satisfy an Italian market beginning to demand high quality outdoor power tools. He responded by producing Efco lawnmowers, brush cutters, and chainsaws. Due to the high quality of the machinery made, the manufacturing of these products soon developed an enviable reputation amongst forestry and agricultural workers, users that demanded the best performance possible from their equipment. Sales of Efco lawnmowers began to soar during the intervening years and the Efco brand is now internationally recognised as a leader in the field of garden machinery manufacturing.

They take their role very seriously though, and were the first company in this sector to achieve official certification in three crucial areas of business sustainability: the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality in 1996, the SA 8000:2008 certificate for ethical processes of production in 2006 and the ISO 14001:2004, recognising Efco's efforts to reduce their impact on the environment with an ongoing commitment to become Carbon Neutral starting in 2010.

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