Eliet Maestro Country Shredder

  • Product Details

    The new Eliet Maestro Country shredder is a rugged and efficient solution for chipping materials up to 40mm in diameter.

    Eliet shredders benefit from their refined Chopping Principle which exposes the natural weakness of the wood’s grain. With thousands of cuts made per minute, the resulting chips are uniform in size, and are perfect for composting. Eliet dub these Biotech chips as the airy mixture will have just the right amount of moisture to aid mulching or composting. The twelve resistant knives are reversible to double the life.

    You’ll find the Maestro Country is fitted with a sizable 80 litre collection bag. The chippings are all collected efficiently into this bag so there is no mess created during operation. The chippings can then either be used in your compost heap to help make a nutritional compost layer, or be spread underneath plants in your borders as a fertile mulch layer. The collection bag attaches to the frame using magnetic contacts, which means removing and reattaching is very straightforward.

    A large amount of power is needed to efficiently chop the wood into the tidy Biotech chips (this particular model features a 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine), and therefore the Eliet Maestro Country has been designed with a particularly robust frame. The shredding chamber and feed hopper are made of steel, and are welded firmly to the frame itself. This prevents damage over time which can be caused by the vibration levels, so users can safely use Eliet shredders for years to come.

    With all the power and chopping going on, you will be surprised by the noise levels produced by the Eliet Maestro. Eliet have worked hard to create machines which don’t cause too much noise pollution. The Maestro Country’s shredding chamber features a double wall, while sound insulation in the funnel will help to soften the drumming sounds which the chipping action produces.

    Other useful features which the Eliet Maestro Country shredder benefits from are a wide funnel opening. With some shredders you will find yourself waiting to be able to load the next branch, but this model cuts so quickly, and the opening is so large that you’ll struggle to keep up with the machine’s efficiency. The funnel can be removed and the handles are designed for ease of use, so you’ll find storing and transporting the Maestro is a breeze. The rubber feet on the shredder provide excellent stability during use which is an important safety feature.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: Briggs & Stratton XR 950 208cc
    Power source: Unleaded petrol
    Cutting system: Eliet Chopping Principle™
    Timber capacity: 45mm
    Cuts per minute: 36000
    Collection box capacity: 80 litre
    Transport wheels: Yes
    Weight: 63kg
    Warranty: Two years
    Weight 50 kg

    Estimated Dispatch

    3 – 4 working days

  • Brand
    About Eliet
    A revival in the garden machinery trade during the 1970s inspired Emiel Lietaer, a 9th generation blacksmith, to use his metal working skills to begin production of a range of products that would ultimately revolutionise the gardening market. It was at the International Agricultural Week at the Heysel, in Brussels, 1986, that the quality of these new products was recognised and here that the Belgian brand now known as Eliet was finally born. Demand grew, investments were made and the company expanded into a world leader, producing some of the finest garden waste disposal and turf care products available.

    Constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve their products keeps the Eliet name at the forefront of design, creating unique solutions to solve longstanding problems. Take for example the patented Eliet Chopping PrincipleTM, used in their petrol and electric garden shredders. It not only produces the best quality wood chippings for composting and mulching, it also reduces engine wear and fuel consumption, thus reducing outlay for both domestic and commercial operators. The Eliet design team are already working on the next generation of garden machinery products, destined to make your gardening and horticultural tasks easier and more efficient, saving you time and money and also lessening our impact on the environment.
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