Eliet Major 4S PTO Garden Shredder

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    Your garden is a seasonal creature, mainly active from spring to early autumn and lying mostly dormant during the cold winter months (like a hibernating bear, but slightly less dangerous if you poke it with a stick). However, throughout the year there will always be garden waste which needs tackling, ranging from dead branches to bulky green waste, so it is important to have a shredder which is capable of performing all year round. The toughest and most powerful shredder in Eliet’s domestic range, the Major 4S is a semi-professional machine designed for shredding of large quantities of mixed garden waste. Thus, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Major 4S is the perfect shredder for dealing with heavy workloads in the garden.

    The performance of the Major 4S benefits significantly from Eliet’s tradition of innovative design. The Eliet Chopping Principle, for example, means that Eliet shredders use blades which cut wood with the grain to produce small chips which compost quickly and make an ideal mulch layer in your garden. The Turbo Discharge system, meanwhile, creates a vacuum effect which sucks green waste into the shredder and then blows the shredded material out through a swivelling chute which features 270° of articulation to ensure a tidier finish. This system boosts performance and helps prevent clogging when working with wet vegetation, and along with the Chopping Principlemeans that the Major 4S is incredibly versatile and superbly effective when working with all kinds of garden waste.

    With a comfortable feed height, a spacious hopper and a wide intake opening the Major 4S is also pleasingly simple to use, handling luxuriant foliage with ease, while an array of twenty razor-sharp, hardened steel blades provide enough cutting power to save a lot of time and effort compared to most domestic shredders. Capable of achieving up to 50,000 cuts per minute and boasting a maximum cutting diameter of 55mm, even tough branches can be cut with ease. For added convenience the blades are also reversible and easy to access for sharpening, so you can be sure of easy maintenance and no loss of performance over time.

    Rather than featuring an engine of its own, this model is instead designed to be driven via a power take-off (PTO) fitting. Thus, for example, the Major 4S can be quickly hitched up to your garden tractor via Eliet’s PTO shaft (available separately) for superb hassle-free performance. As well as improving the versatility of your PTO enabled vehicle, this also makes the Major 4S easier to use and maintain as you will not have to deal with refuelling and servicing yet another engine. The PTO model is thus the perfect choice for anyone who already owns a suitably equipped garden tractor and is now looking for a handy way of dealing with challenging garden waste disposal.

    Built with a robust steel frame for incredible durability and a longer service life, the Major 4S also features a belt-driven blade shaft to protect the crankshaft from damage should any blockages ever occur. Large, smooth running wheels, moreover, mean that getting this impressive machine to where it is most needed is reliably hassle-free, while the thick pneumatic tyres also help to absorb engine vibration during use. Supplied as standard with a pair of gloves, safety glasses and ear defenders to help ensure safe operation, Eliet’s Major 4S is pretty much the ultimate in domestic shredding power and ideal for even the most dedicated home gardener.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: External PTO  
    Power source: Unleaded petrol  
    Cutting system: Eliet Chopping Principle™
    Timber capacity: 55mm    
    Material throughput: 24 bags p/hour  
    Blade rpm: N/a    
    Collection box capacity: N/a    
    Transport wheels: Yes    
    Storage:   N/a    
    Weight:   135kg    
    Weight 120 kg
  • Brand
    About Eliet
    A revival in the garden machinery trade during the 1970s inspired Emiel Lietaer, a 9th generation blacksmith, to use his metal working skills to begin production of a range of products that would ultimately revolutionise the gardening market. It was at the International Agricultural Week at the Heysel, in Brussels, 1986, that the quality of these new products was recognised and here that the Belgian brand now known as Eliet was finally born. Demand grew, investments were made and the company expanded into a world leader, producing some of the finest garden waste disposal and turf care products available.

    Constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve their products keeps the Eliet name at the forefront of design, creating unique solutions to solve longstanding problems. Take for example the patented Eliet Chopping PrincipleTM, used in their petrol and electric garden shredders. It not only produces the best quality wood chippings for composting and mulching, it also reduces engine wear and fuel consumption, thus reducing outlay for both domestic and commercial operators. The Eliet design team are already working on the next generation of garden machinery products, destined to make your gardening and horticultural tasks easier and more efficient, saving you time and money and also lessening our impact on the environment.
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