Flymo Micro Lite 1000w 28cm Hover Lawnmower


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  • Manufacturer: Flymo

A lightweight, compact hover mower, with easily adjustable cutting height and simple start mechanism. Ideal for a small garden, especially sloped or uneven surfaces that would present difficulties for a wheeled mower.

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For a light, manoeuvrable and affordable mower, you need look no further than Flymo, the company that first brought the electric hover mower to the world in 1965. Flymo’s decades of experience are evident in their current collection of hover mowers, which range from the light and manoeuvrable to the sturdy and powerful.

The Flymo Micro Lite is a compact little hover mower, ideal for a smaller garden. Being a hover mower, it floats on a cushion of air, allowing ease of movement in all directions and making it ideal for use on slopes or uneven ground with which a wheeled machine would struggle to cope. The Micro Lite, as its name suggests, was designed with lightness in mind, and its plastic body and blades ensure it lives up to its name, weighing in at 4.5kg. This combination of lightness and ease of movement renders the Micro Lite supremely manoeuvrable and extremely easy to operate for anyone, even those whose mobility is restricted or who would not feel they had the strength to deal with a big, heavy machine. It glides where a heavy, wheeled petrol mower would only plod, and when it is no longer needed it can simply be picked up by its sturdy handle and stored.

It is designed to be simple to use, with no complicated settings or fiddly switches. The blade can be easily adjusted to either of two cutting heights, and the start is a simple mechanism designed for equal ease of use by right- and left-handers. The fact that the Micro Lite is electric also adds to its simplicity; there is no need to buy or store petrol, just plug it in and start mowing. The cable is an extremely handy 10m long, meaning you can use it in your small garden without worrying about extension leads or extra cables.

The Micro Lite is compact, and may seem small, with a cutting width of 28cm, but this makes the machine both much easier to use and manoeuvre in a small garden, and much easier to store in a small shed. Moreover, the handle is easy to fold down so as to make the mower even easier to store either upright or flat.

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: 1000-watt motor
Power source: Mains electricity
Drive system: Push
Cutting width: 28 cm
Cutting height steps: 2
Cutting system: Plastic Blade
Cutting height adjustment: Disc
Cutting height, min-max: 10 - 33 mm
Weight: 4.5 kg
 Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 96 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear: 84.1 dB(A)
Uncertainty - Sound pressure: 2.5 dB(A)
Vibrations handlebar: 1.21 m/s²
Uncertainty - Vibrations handlebar: 1.5 m/s²
Weight 25 kg
About Flymo
Inspired by the invention of Christopher Cockerell's hovercraft several years earlier, it was in 1964 that Karl Dahlman's hover mower design won a gold medal at the Brussels Inventors' Fair, thereby marking the beginning of one of the best known brands in British gardening. Full-scale production of petrol-powered Flymo hover mowers was in place by 1965, based in the new factory at Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. A few years later the first electric hover mowers were launched and a whole new world of mowing was available to the British public. Flymo hover mowers have been finding homes in British garden sheds ever since.

The Flymo hover mowers brand has gone from strength to strength since these early days and it is hard to imagine visiting a garden centre now and not seeing the bright orange machines lining the aisles, with tools varying from battery powered grass trimmers to electric garden vacuums. Now part of the Electrolux Group, Flymo can rightly claim to sell over one million products within the U.K. during a financial year. They also boast a considerable export market; in doing so they have received multiple Queen's Awards for their achievements.

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