Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box 15 roll-up automatic

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Perfect for frequent use in smaller gardens, Gardena’s wall-mounted hose box (8022-20) with automatic roll-up offers quick and convenient access to your hose for efficient watering of flowerbeds, lawns and other vegetation.

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For many of us keeping the garden well hydrated is unfortunately presaged by a not-so-brief puzzle interlude, the puzzle most usually being; “How on Earth did my hosepipe become this tangled and how am I going to unravel this mess?”. This needn’t be the case, however, and Gardena’s hose reels provide an excellent way of bypassing the aforementioned knotty problem. Perfect for frequent use in smaller gardens, Gardena’s wall-mounted hose box (15m) with automatic roll-up thus offers quick and convenient access to your hose for efficient watering of flowerbeds, lawns and other plant-life.

Supplied with everything you need to set to work, Gardena’s wall-mounted hose box (15m) set contains a spring-powered automatic hose reel, a high quality 15m long Classic hose with a diameter of 13mm (½”), a 2m connecting hose, an adjustable spray nozzle, a handy wall bracket and all required fittings (three tap connectors, a standard hose connector and a water stop). By mounting on the wall the hose box provides a handy method of keeping the hosepipe safe while ensuring ease of access at all times (including swivelling by up to 180° to make sure you can reach every part of your garden). In addition to this, additional nozzles, sprayers and wash brushes can also be stored on the wall bracket, ready for use, and in winter the hose box can be removed using the ergonomically shaped handle for storage away from ice and frost.

Equally as important as the hose box’s protective qualities, however, is that it provides superb user convenience. The reel, for example, is designed to be smooth running so that the hose can be withdrawn with little effort. Moreover, when you are done the hose box’s spring-assisted retraction mechanism will roll up the hose automatically, with an integrated hose guide preventing twisting and tangling; all that is required from you is a quick tug on the hose to deactivate the lock, at which point the spring-assisted mechanism does the rest of the work.

Also featuring a handy anti-drip device to prevent water loss after use, the 15m Classic hose and spray nozzle supplied as standard provide excellent versatility and superbly reliable service, while Gardena’s Original system makes it easy to adapt the unit to suit your particular requirements (additional connectors and watering accessories available separately). To underline the dependability of these convenient little units, Gardena’s hose boxes even come with a two year warranty as standard, thus ensuring complete satisfaction and added peace of mind.

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About Gardena
More than seventy per cent of the Earth is covered in water. Sixty percent of the human body is made of water. Water is, in short, the very essence of life on our planet. More specifically, it is also the essence of life in your garden, and keeping lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable patches well hydrated is an integral part of maintaining a luxurious, healthy garden. This is especially during the summer, when the warm weather and lack of rainfall can leave everything a little parched. This is where Gardena comes in. Founded in Germany in 1961 by Werner Kress and Eberhard Kastner, Gardena’s breakthrough came in 1968 with the development of the Original Gardena System - a range of hoses, connectors and accessories which provide a complete, easy to use and superbly reliable method of getting water where it is most needed in the garden.

The brilliance of the Original System is that the simple but effective connectors make it easy to switch between accessories and hoses as the job requires, while the high quality materials used in the construction of Original System products ensures that a watertight connection is maintained at all times. Since its humble beginnings with this simple but brilliant system, Gardena has grown into a world renowned designer and manufacturer of garden care products. The company has also continued to develop the Original System and Gardena’s hoses, sprinklers and watering accessories are now used by professionals and dedicated home gardeners across the globe.

As well as the Original System Gardena now also produces a wide range of other garden care tools and accessories, including axes, shovels, pruners, secateurs (our favourites are the delightfully named “SchnippSchnapp”) and just about everything you could possibly need to keep your garden in top condition. Of particular note is the Gardena CombiSystem, first introduced in 1977, which consists of a range of handles and tools (including rakes, hoes and brooms) which can be mixed and matched to suit the job at hand. This offers the same convenience and versatility as the Original System when working in other parts of the garden, making it easier than ever to achieve great results with superb efficiency.

Gardena is best known for its superb water management solutions and the iconic Original System is a must have for anyone seeking an effective way of keeping a garden looking great all year round (or simply those tired of lugging a watering can around the garden on hot summer days).

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