Honda FF500 Tiller & Cultivator

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    Way out at the very cutting edge of tiller technology, happily roaming on hard ground where other cultivators fear to tread, lives the Honda FF500. This heavy duty, commercial rotary tiller is a magnificent beast to behold, with its armoured coat in glossy red and fearsome set of teeth which chew through heavily compacted soil with ease. Yet for all of its admirable power the FF500 is also a surprisingly agile and amiable creature, offering great convenience and precision in its never-ending quest to loosen, lift and turn dense soil so that life my thrive anew in its wake.

    Built with a powerful 160cc GCV160 petrol engine, the incredible fuel efficiency of Honda’s four-stroke technology means that the FF500 is economical to run and yet capable of achieving outstanding high torque performance. Its four-speed gearbox, moreover, allows you to adjust the performance to suit the conditions underfoot, with three forward and one reverse gear available. This is complemented by the inclusion of a high capacity 1.7 litre fuel tank and an easily accessible recoil starter, thereby ensuring user-friendliness to match the FF500’s performance.

    Where the FF500 really excels, however, is in the power of its four counter-rotating digging tines which bite deep into compacted soil, offering a maximum working width/depth of 55cm/20cm to tackle heavy duty cultivation work with ease. For added versatility you can also remove one set of tiller blades, thus reducing the working width and allowing greater precision when the task requires. A differential locking mechanism, moreover, means that the FF500 can turn on a sixpence, which makes working up and down narrowly planted rows of crops much less tiring. The FF500’s incredible manoeuvrability is further enhanced by the inclusion of a clever security loop handle with multiple grips, allowing the tiller to be safely operated from any angle, along with its large rear wheels with high-grip tyres.

    For added convenience, meanwhile, the handlebar also folds away to facilitate storage, while a retractable front wheel ensures added stability and mobility when moving the FF500 to and from worksites. Sturdily built with only top quality components, Honda’s FF500 will therefore make even the toughest professional tilling work on the largest plots much easier to handle, while an optional ridger tool (available separately) further increases the FF500’s versatility by saving valuable time and effort when planting or earthing-up potatoes, tubers and other crops. This, in short, is a machine you definitely want on your side when faced with any challenging soil cultivation job.

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  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: Honda GCV160 OHC 160cc  
    Power source: Unleaded petrol    
    Starting system: Recoil      
    Transmission: Wheels - mesh / Tines - chain and gear
    Gears:   3 forward/1 reverse    
    Tine configuration: Front-tine      
    Working width: 55cm      
    Working depth: 20cm      
    Handlebars: Adjustable    
    Weight:   77kg      
    Warranty:   5-year domestic/1-year commercial
    Weight 100 kg
    Dimensions 75 × 116 × 96 cm
  • Brand
    About Honda
    A legendary brand know across the globe and synonymous with quality, the Honda marque traces its origins back to founder Soichiro Honda who marketed his own self-styled piston designs before World War II. From this beginning the Honda Motor Company was born in 1948 with the Honda Cub motorcycle following soon after. Today, the company is the single largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world and it is this pedigree that goes into the development of Honda garden machinery.

    Probably best known amongst gardening professionals for their large range of garden tillers and cultivators, Honda also produce some very fine petrol rotary lawn mowers, in particular their core range of domestic machines, known as the HRX models, that have rewritten modern lawn mower design. Not content with producing some of the best lawn mowers available, Honda have also turned the powered hand-tool sector upside-down by replacing traditional 2-stroke fuelled power units with the cleaner, quieter 4-stroke engines that the company is famous for. Never content with the present, Honda are certain to carry on developing their garden machinery products to stay at the cutting edge of design and performance.
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