Honda HRG465SD IZY Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower


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The HRG 465 SD is a quiet, easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to use petrol lawnmower. Powering this mower is Honda’s OHC four-stroke 135cc engine, designed to be quiet running without compromising on power.


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The Honda Izy HRG465SD is a dramatic redesign that will make mowing the lawn easier, cleaner and quieter. Honda’s engineers have gone right back to the drawing board, creating a brand new choke system, completely redesigning the blades and introducing an engine that can handle a diverse array of conditions.

A Triumph of Design
The Honda Izy HRG465SD is self-propelled, so that mowing the lawn becomes a question of simply guiding your mower around the lawn instead of a constant struggle to push it through the grass. What’s more, the mower’s specially developed system of double ball-bearings and extra-wide no-slip wheels mean that it handles like a dream, making it easy to navigate around even the most awkward obstacles.

A straight-forward lever control means you can adjust the height of the blades to any of a possible six options, making it ideal for lawns where conditions such as shading mean that certain areas of grass need to be cut differently.

The mower’s durable, high quality steel cutter deck features a rounded design that expertly channels grass cuttings into the collector while avoiding the usual nooks and crannies that usually need the wet grass cleaning out after even a couple of uses.  Meanwhile the mower’s high torque engine cuts through even the thickest grass like butter, without any risk of clogging.
When you’re done, the Honda Izy HRG465SD’s 50 litre grass bag is straightforward to remove while featuring a drop down rear shield to protect your legs.

On the subject of safety, the mower boasts a blade brake that automatically stops the engine when your hands aren’t gripping the handle, giving you piece of mind that the machine will always be under your control and ruling out the possibility of dangerous mishaps. The handle can also be easily folded away so that storage isn’t an issue if your garden shed or garage doesn’t have as much space as you would like.

Is This The Easiest Mower Ever?
Every one of the new features fitted to the Honda Izy HRG465SD is aimed at making the chore of mowing the lawn as painless and stress free as humanly possible. Mowing with the Honda Izy HRG465SD will be quick and straightforward, with minimal stops to empty the grass bag, adjust the mower’s blades or clean out blockages.

The 18″/46cm Honda Izy HRG465SD is perfectly suited for the care of lawns up to the size of a tennis court. If your lawn features slopes, inclines, awkwardly placed trees or other obstacles the self propelled mower will be able to move smoothly around and across them, with settings that are adjustable at the pull of a lever.

Getting started is simplicity itself, with a pull start that is effortless to use and flexible, double-lined cables so that adjustments are as easy to make as they are precise.

A Quieter Lawnmower

Perhaps the biggest innovations included in the design of the Honda Izy HRG465SD are the measures its engineers have taken to keep noise levels to an absolute minimum. The lawnmower’s clean and economical GCV135 4-stroke engine has been combined with a brand new blade design for this purpose.

Honda’s engineers reportedly spent six months conducting comprehensive air-flow studies after designing a new lawnmower blade from scratch. The redesign includes new, slotted blade tips and a rear tilted cutter deck angle to improve airflow through the machine. The end result is a blade that’s not only a fast and powerful way to cut through grass, but a quieter one as well, with noise levels cut down by an impressive 30%.

Honda have been working on reducing the noise output of their petrol powered lawnmowers in order to adhere to new noise pollution regulations that are being rolled out across Europe, as many governments, companies and consumers are starting to see it as a major issue.

The new mower’s noise output has brought noise levels down from 96 dB(A) to a much quieter 94 dB(A), offering quieter but more effective performance than ever before.

A Good Start

However it doesn’t matter if your lawnmower handles like a dream and is as quiet as a summer breeze if you can’t get it started in the first place. This is why the team behind the Honda Izy HRG465SD have devised an Auto Choke System that makes awkward questions like “How much choke should I use?” a thing of the past.

Honda’s engineers looked at the problems people ran into when trying to start up their lawnmowers under difficult conditions such as cold weather, and developed a thermo wax assembly that will open and close the choke valve inside the lawnmower’s intake manifold automatically.

When the engine starts the thermo wax assembly will receive heat from the engine block and move the choke link into the open position, then the return spring will return the choke link to the closed position as the engine cools or when choking is necessary. The end result is that the lawnmower’s carburettor settings are managed automatically with far more efficiency than a manual choke would allow for.

Please note that Honda has upgraded this model to the HRG466SK.

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: Honda GCV135
Power source: Unleaded petrol
Starting method: Recoil  
Deck material: Steel  
Cutting system: Metal blade
Cutting width: 46cm  
Cutting height: 20mm - 74mm
Blade-brake clutch: N/a  
Collection bag: Fabric / 55-litres
Mulching function: N/a  
Rear roller: N/a  
Drive system: Self-propelled
Weight:   31.5kg  
Warranty:   3 year domestic
Weight 36 kg
About Honda
A legendary brand know across the globe and synonymous with quality, the Honda marque traces its origins back to founder Soichiro Honda who marketed his own self-styled piston designs before World War II. From this beginning the Honda Motor Company was born in 1948 with the Honda Cub motorcycle following soon after. Today, the company is the single largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world and it is this pedigree that goes into the development of Honda garden machinery.

Probably best known amongst gardening professionals for their large range of garden tillers and cultivators, Honda also produce some very fine petrol rotary lawn mowers, in particular their core range of domestic machines, known as the HRX models, that have rewritten modern lawn mower design. Not content with producing some of the best lawn mowers available, Honda have also turned the powered hand-tool sector upside-down by replacing traditional 2-stroke fuelled power units with the cleaner, quieter 4-stroke engines that the company is famous for. Never content with the present, Honda are certain to carry on developing their garden machinery products to stay at the cutting edge of design and performance.

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