Honda Miimo HRM520 Robotic Lawnmower

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    Honda is renowned for making innovations in robotics; Honda’s ASIMO, for example, is widely considered the world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Similarly advanced, but much cuter and much more useful, is Miimo, Honda’s first domestic robotic lawnmower. Miimo can be programmed to mow when and how you want your lawn mown, and once given instructions will proceed to start mowing at the specified times without you having to lift a finger. This surprisingly tough and powerful mower is therefore the perfect choice for anyone who wants a pristine lawn, but doesn’t have the time or mobility to use a traditional walk-behind mower.

    The Miimo HRM520 is the larger of the two models available from Honda, and features a longer lasting battery to allow the HRM520 to achieve great results on larger lawns up to 3,000m2. Depending on your garden, Miimo can be set to use one of three mowing patterns; Random (designed for use on large grassed areas with complicated borders or large numbers of obstacles), Directional (most suitable for open, uncomplicated and uncluttered areas of lawn), or Mixed (combining both Random and Directional modes). The desired mowing area can be set using the 300 metre boundary wire supplied with this model, after which you simply have to set Miimo’s timer and mowing options and let this plucky little machine get on with its work.

    Miimo’s three shatterproof rotating blades cut to a height set by you to suit your lawn (20mm-60mm) and are designed to produce small clippings which are returned to the soil as mulch in order to fertilise your lawn naturally. Once Miimo’s powerful lithium-ion battery drops below 30% charge, it will even automatically return to its docking station to recharge, before then getting straight back to work. Built with a robust polymer body, rapid-reaction bump and lift sensors and anti-theft PIN code protection, this remarkable hi-tech machine is truly a revolution in lawn care; the quiet and clean-running Miimo HRM520 from Honda is therefore a great cutting-edge solution to achieving a great looking lawn with the minimum of fuss.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Working Area: 3,000m²/125m² per hour
    Cutting Pattern: Random/Directional/Mixed
    Cutting System: 3 swing-back blades
    Drive Motor / Blade Motor: Brushless 25Wx2/Brushless 56W
    Battery: Li-ion 21.6v-4.0Ah
    Cutting Width/Cutting Height: 220mm/20mm-60mm
    Sound Level LwA: 62
    Boundary Wire And Pegs Supplied: 300m/300pcs
    Weight: 12kg
    Weight 22 kg
    Dimensions 97 × 63 × 37 cm
    Estimated Dispatch

    Please email [email protected] for estimated dispatch time

  • Brand
    About Honda
    A legendary brand know across the globe and synonymous with quality, the Honda marque traces its origins back to founder Soichiro Honda who marketed his own self-styled piston designs before World War II. From this beginning the Honda Motor Company was born in 1948 with the Honda Cub motorcycle following soon after. Today, the company is the single largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world and it is this pedigree that goes into the development of Honda garden machinery.

    Probably best known amongst gardening professionals for their large range of garden tillers and cultivators, Honda also produce some very fine petrol rotary lawn mowers, in particular their core range of domestic machines, known as the HRX models, that have rewritten modern lawn mower design. Not content with producing some of the best lawn mowers available, Honda have also turned the powered hand-tool sector upside-down by replacing traditional 2-stroke fuelled power units with the cleaner, quieter 4-stroke engines that the company is famous for. Never content with the present, Honda are certain to carry on developing their garden machinery products to stay at the cutting edge of design and performance.
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