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Husqvarna 372XP Petrol Chainsaw – 45cm Bar

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A commercial grade rear handle chainsaw, Husqvarnas 372XP is ideal for even the toughest forestry applications. Driven by a 70.7cc X-Torq two-stroke engine, the 372XP is available as standard with a 45cm, 50cm or 60cm guide bar and a 3/8″ pitch chain.

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Optional Extras:

  • Lawnmaster Chainsaw Safety & Maintenance Kit
    Everything you need to get started with your new chainsaw, including a protective Oregon safety helmet with a visor and noise-dampening ear muffs, file, gloves and chain lubricating oil.
  • Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Clothing Protective Kit
    Contains the basic protective equipment needed when using a chainsaw. Includes chaps with saw protection class 1 ( 20m/s), a helmet and a pair of gloves.
    £125.00 £94.95

Product Description

The story of Alexander the Great and the Gordion Knot, in which the all-conquering Macedonian general ‘disentangles’ a seemingly impossible knot with a quick swing of a sword, is typically taken to be a metaphor for the way in which thinking outside the box can help to solve seemingly intractable problems. An alternative interpretation, however, would be to see it as yet another example of how life is always easier when you are well prepared for cutting things. A commercial grade rear handle chainsaw with a well founded reputation for powerful, smooth running performance, Husqvarna’s 372XP is a truly professional quality machine which combines lightweight design, plenty of clout and rapid acceleration with brilliant ease of operation. It is also very good at cutting things and, much like Alexander, capable of achieving superb results in seemingly impossible situations.

Given that this impressive machine is first and foremost noteworthy for its sheer cutting power, a good point to start would be its potent 70.7cc X-Torq® two-stroke petrol engine. Husqvarna’s innovative X-Torq® technology optimises the combustion process to increase the torque produced, which also has the additional benefits of reducing emissions by up to 75% and increasing fuel efficiency by 20%. It is this remarkable combination of performance and convenience which makes the 372XP stand out from its rivals, delivering cutting power that far exceeds the capabilities of comparable saws fitted with a conventional two-stroke engine. A high capacity 0.77 litre fuel tank, meanwhile, provides plenty of run time so as to limit the amount of effort expended on refuelling.

The 372XP is also a versatile saw and available as standard with a 45cm (18”), 50cm (20”) or 60cm (24”) guide bar and a 3/8” pitch chain (please call or e-mail to specify the preferred bar/chain combination for your order). In addition to this the 372XP is compatible with guide bars ranging from 41cm-71cm (16”-28”), so it is easy to customise your saw to suit the job at hand. With an impressive maximum chain speed of 22.7m/s, the 372XP also features an adjustable oil pump (allowing you to regulate the chain lubrication according to the situation) and an easy-access side-mounted chain tensioner, thus ensuring optimal performance every time. An effective inertia-activated chain brake, moreover, provides vital protection against hazardous kickback events.

Husqvarna’s engineers have even kindly equipped the 372XP with a few handy features designed to make challenging cutting work a little bit easier. Most notably we have the combination of a LowVib® anti-vibration system (which works to increase user comfort and prevent strain over extended periods of operation) and an ergonomically designed angled front handle which ensures a secure grip and exceptional control. A quick-release air filter and a centrifugal air cleaning system, moreover, together help to facilitate routine maintenance and reduce overall service demands, while a three-piece forged crankshaft and a magnesium crankcase increase durability for great protection against the wear, tear, bumps and scrapes incurred during day-to-day use.

Husqvarna’s 372XP is therefore a steadfast companion during even the most challenging heavy duty cutting work, capable of providing many years of sterling service and offering remarkable efficiency in situations where other chainsaws would struggle. One must therefore suspect that even a world-conquering general like Alexander the Great would have been impressed when confronted with a machine like this.

*Make sure you are using your chainsaw safely and read our free advice article when you have a spare moment.

Product Features
  • Driven by a monstrously powerful 70.7cc X-Torq® two-stroke petrol engine, delivering high torque performance along with reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency
  • Quick starting guaranteed by the inclusion of a clever Smart Start® system, reducing starter cord resistance by up to 40% for exceptional convenience
  • Available as standard with a 45cm (18”), 50cm (20”) or 60cm (24”) guide bar and a 3/8” pitch chain, with an inertia-activated chain brake included to help ensure operator safety
  • Also featuring an adjustable oil pump to regulate chain lubrication, along with a side-mounted chain tensioner to enable quick tightening of the chain prior to operation
  • Fitted with an angled front handle for a secure grip and exceptional control, along with an effective LowVib® anti-vibration system for added comfort during prolonged use
  • Equipped with a quick-release air filter and a centrifugal air cleaning system to help facilitate routine maintenance and reduce overall service demands
  • Sturdily built with a three-piece forged crankshaft and a magnesium crankcase for great protection against the wear, tear, bumps and scrapes incurred with daily heavy duty use
  • Please call or e-mail to specify preferred bar/chain combination for your order

Technical Specifications

Power source:Petrol/oil mixture  
Bar length:45cm   
Chain: 3/8"    
Fuel tank: 0.77 litres   
Oil tank: 0.42 litres   
Oil pump: Automatic   
Weight: 6.4kg   
Warranty: 2-year    
Weight7 kg
Bar Length


About Husqvarna
Believe it or not, Husqvarna did not start off by manufacturing any type of garden machinery at all. Instead they were established in 1689 as a weapons foundry supplying the Swedish Armed Forces. During the subsequent years, diverse and varied products have been produced, from sewing machines and cast iron kitchen equipment through to bicycles and motorbikes. It wasn't until 1959 that Husqvarna finally made its first chainsaws and engine-driven lawnmowers. The company's reputation for build quality and durability of product has never been in question. This is probably the reason for their line of professional petrol chainsaws being so popular with forestry workers across the globe.

Husqvarna are not afraid to innovate either, introducing the robotic, solar powered Automower® in 1995 and continually looking to improve their existing products by listening to their customers. Jumping onto the grass recycling bandwagon, they also manufacture some of the best mulching lawnmowers available, incorporating Bioclip® technology into the vast majority of their petrol lawn mowers. Be left in no doubt, if you buy any product from the Husqvarna garden machinery stable, you will be buying into Swedish quality that is built to last.

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