Husqvarna 560XPG Petrol Chainsaw – Heated Handles

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    The peculiar human drive for constant improvement has thrown up a number of peculiarly toasty versions of otherwise mundane devices, including heated towel racks, heated steering wheels, heated dog kennels and even battery powered heated socks. Not every example of adding a warming element to some familiar tool or accessory is quite as extraneous as the aforementioned products, however, with Husqvarna’s 560XPG a sterling example of how a little extra warmth can make a world of difference. A powerful rear handle chainsaw designed for heavy duty professional use, the 560XPG’s heated handles work to ensure superb ease of operation when working in cold, damp conditions.

    This is more than just a matter of comfort though, as by guarding against the numbing effect of the cold the 560XPG ensures that you stay in complete control at all times, while warm hands are also at less risk from hand-arm vibration syndrome. The 560XPG is therefore much safer to use when temperatures are low than a standard chainsaw, in addition to allowing you to work comfortably for longer. An upgraded version of the already excellent 560XP, the 560XPG also features a heated carburettor which works in conjunction with Husqvarna’s clever Smart Start® system to ensure reliably hassle-free starting even on the coldest of mornings.

    Beyond this the 560XPG offers the same outstanding cutting power and ease of operation as the 560XP, with a potent 59.8cc X-Torq® two-stroke petrol engine providing enough clout to tackle even the toughest cutting work with ease. An innovative RevBoostsystem, meanwhile,increases chain speed and acceleration for better de-limbing performance, meaning that the 560XPG will deliver great results whether you are felling a tree or preparing it for logging afterwards. All of this is perfectly complemented by a clever AutoTune system which automatically adjusts the engine for optimal performance regardless of the working conditions at hand. This includes sensing factors such as the humidity, altitude and atmospheric temperature of your working environment, along with the fuel mix being used, while an adjustable oil pump and a side-access chain tensioner are also included to help regulate chain lubrication and to enable quick tightening of the saw chain respectively.

    Supplied as standard with a 37.5cm (15”) bar and .325” pitch chain (also available with 32.5cm/13” and 45cm/18” bars), the 560XPG’s slimmed-down, well-balanced and low weight design also means that it is easy to handle, thus ensuring brilliant precision when taking on tricky cutting work. An effective LowVib® anti-vibration system, moreover, helps to prevent strain during prolonged periods of operation, with added protection against kickback offered by an effective inertia-activated chain brake. Even the little touches make a surprising difference in practice, with features such as the felling marks on the machine casing providing a welcome helping hand and extra precision.

    Similar attention to detail is displayed throughout the 560XPG’s design, with features such as the combined choke/stop control, captive bar nuts, a quick-release air filter, and a transparent window in the 0.65 litre fuel tank (allowing you to check the fuel level at a glance) providing pleasing convenience. A centrifugal air cleaning system, furthermore, significantly reduces engine wear and reduces service demands, while a sturdy build and high quality components (such as a three-piece forged crankshaft and a magnesium crankcase) provide increased durability and a longer service life. Husqvarna’s 560XPG is, therefore, a machine which is perfectly suited to tough cutting work in hostile environments, making it an ideal saw for any hardworking forester or tree surgeon.

    *Make sure you are using your chainsaw safely and read our free advice article when you have a spare moment.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 59.8cc    
    Power source: Petrol/oil mixture  
    Bar length: 38cm    
    Chain:   .325"     
    Fuel tank:   0.65 litres    
    Oil tank:   0.33 litres    
    Oil pump:   Adjustable  
    Weight:   5.8kg    
    Warranty:   2-year     
    Weight 6 kg
    Bar Length


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    About Husqvarna
    Believe it or not, Husqvarna did not start off by manufacturing any type of garden machinery at all. Instead they were established in 1689 as a weapons foundry supplying the Swedish Armed Forces. During the subsequent years, diverse and varied products have been produced, from sewing machines and cast iron kitchen equipment through to bicycles and motorbikes. It wasn't until 1959 that Husqvarna finally made its first chainsaws and engine-driven lawnmowers. The company's reputation for build quality and durability of product has never been in question. This is probably the reason for their line of professional petrol chainsaws being so popular with forestry workers across the globe.

    Husqvarna are not afraid to innovate either, introducing the robotic, solar powered Automower® in 1995 and continually looking to improve their existing products by listening to their customers. Jumping onto the grass recycling bandwagon, they also manufacture some of the best mulching lawnmowers available, incorporating Bioclip® technology into the vast majority of their petrol lawn mowers. Be left in no doubt, if you buy any product from the Husqvarna garden machinery stable, you will be buying into Swedish quality that is built to last.
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