Husqvarna BLi300 Battery

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    The Husqvarna BLi300 battery is a high quality integrated battery suitable for continuous intensive use by professionals. With a high capacity for extended run time, the BLi300 has been designed to be used in conjunction with the 500-series of professional battery products. This high powered 36V 9.4 Ah battery is suitable for products such as the 536Li XP chainsaw, the 536LIHE series hedgetrimmers, and the 536 LiB blower. Depending on machine and usage, the BLi300 can give up to 5 hours and 35 minutes of use on just a single charge.

    We love the Husqvarna battery system because it’s incredibly adaptable. Whether you are going to start your collection with just one tool, one battery, and one charger, or plan on purchasing several batteries for consistent use with the whole product range, you can make the system work for you. The BLi300 is suitable for the whole 500 series, so you can start with just one machine and then grow your collection, adding additional batteries as and when you need them. The fact that the batteries are sold separately helps to keep the costs down, as a lot of the initial outlay of Li-ion products is usually attributed to the batteries themselves. If you only buy the batteries which you actually need and will use, you will get exactly what you need and spend less. With battery products you also breakeven in terms of cost thanks to the low maintenance costs, so while a petrol model might initially seem better value, it’s important to remember that servicing, oils, petrol and engine maintenance can lead to downtime and ongoing costs.

    Running time of your Husqvarna BLi300 battery will be dependent on which machine you are using it with, and whether you are using your machine for light or more tough work. The 500-series is designed fulltime use, so you’ll find that the BLi300 is designed to run efficiently for a long time, and it features active cooling to prevent overheating during operation. When used with the 536L XP for carpentry tasks, you will be able to work for up to 5 hours and 35 minutes on a single charge. With the same saw, you can prune for 2 hours and 15 minutes, or cut logs for an hour. With the 536LiB leaf blower you will be able to carry out light work for an hour and 5 minutes, or tough work for 40 minutes.

    Much like running time, charge time depends entirely on which charger you buy. For a faster charge when you need to get back to work quickly, opt for the QC500 charger. This will power your battery fully in just 60 minutes, or to 80% in just 35 minutes. Another option is the QC330 charger. This will charge your battery to 80% in 55 minutes, or fully charge your battery pack in one hours and 20 minutes.

    The Husqvarna BLi300 battery weighs just 1.8kg and can be charged up to 1500 times. It is designed to be used continuously (even in rainy weather), and therefore offers excellent cooling, and features an intuitive 4-LED charge indicator so you have a bit of warning before your battery runs out of charge.

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    Capacity: 9.4Ah
    Type: 36V Li-ion
    Weight: 1.8kg
    Weight 1.8 kg
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    Batteries & Chargers

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    About Husqvarna
    Believe it or not, Husqvarna did not start off by manufacturing any type of garden machinery at all. Instead they were established in 1689 as a weapons foundry supplying the Swedish Armed Forces. During the subsequent years, diverse and varied products have been produced, from sewing machines and cast iron kitchen equipment through to bicycles and motorbikes. It wasn't until 1959 that Husqvarna finally made its first chainsaws and engine-driven lawnmowers. The company's reputation for build quality and durability of product has never been in question. This is probably the reason for their line of professional petrol chainsaws being so popular with forestry workers across the globe.

    Husqvarna are not afraid to innovate either, introducing the robotic, solar powered Automower® in 1995 and continually looking to improve their existing products by listening to their customers. Jumping onto the grass recycling bandwagon, they also manufacture some of the best mulching lawnmowers available, incorporating Bioclip® technology into the vast majority of their petrol lawn mowers. Be left in no doubt, if you buy any product from the Husqvarna garden machinery stable, you will be buying into Swedish quality that is built to last.
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