Kuhn Vision T 75 Tow Behind Garden Sprayer


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  • Manufacturer: Kuhn
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The Kuhn Vision T75 was designed for spraying green spaces with a tractor mower. Equipped with a 12 volt electric pump, it connects directly to the tractor mowers battery. It has an adjustable drawbar so that it can be coupled to any model of tractor mower.

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Spraying pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers in the garden can be a tricky job at the best of times when a sudden gust of wind can leave even the best laid spraying plans in tatters. Even coverage is important because under-application could leave some areas of your garden untreated, while over-application of some chemicals can damage lawns and other vegetation. When spraying in larger gardens or on smallholdings the need for precision is even more important as it is easier to lose track of your progress, especially if you are using a smaller backpack sprayer. A much more reliable and efficient option in such circumstances is to use a tow-behind sprayer with your garden tractor or ride-on mower, with the Kuhn Vision T75 an outstanding choice for all but the largest estates.

Fitted with a capacious 75 litre polyethylene tank and a 12V electric pump, the T75 also features an integrated pressure regulation valve and gauge for a maximum flow of 8 litres per minute at pressures of between 0 and 3 bar. This makes it easy to adjust the amount of liquid fed to the dual distribution system, with a fully adjustable 2m boom and a 1.2m telescopic lance attachment included as standard. The boom is particularly noteworthy, featuring four 110° fan nozzles and arms which fold up for convenience during transportation and storage. The controlled flow that this delivers means that open areas of land can be sprayed with superb efficiency, while the high quality telescopic lance is ideal for spot spraying in hard to reach areas. Thanks to a clever double filtration system you can also depend on the T75 for reliable performance, with routine maintenance requirements minimised by ensuring that impurities are quickly removed from the liquid being sprayed.

Better still is that the attention to detail in the design of the Kuhn Vision T75 is just as impressive as its performance. The inclusion of a practical five litre hand washing tank, for example, means that you can rinse your hands immediately after spraying, thereby eliminating the risk of chemical contamination. Likewise, the inclusion of a height adjustable drawbar means that the T75 can be quickly adapted for use with just about any garden tractor, ride-on mower or ATV on the market. Ideal for either private or commercial use, this versatile tow-behind sprayer is therefore an excellent investment for anyone who needs to treat larger green spaces with the minimum of hassle.

Technical Specifications

Pump:  12-volt via switch 
Tank capacity: 50-litres  
Tank opening: N/a  
Maximum spraying pressure:3 bar  
Delivery hose length: 5-meter  
Lance length: 1.2-meter telescopic 
Weight empty: N/a  
Weight full: N/a  
Warranty:  2 year  
About Kuhn
Humble beginnings as a blacksmith marked the early years of manufacturing for Joseph Kuhn. Back in 1828 he was producing scales and weighing apparatus. By 1864, following the opening of the Paris-Strasbourg railway line, prosperous times lay ahead, new premises were purchased and a move into the manufacturing of agricultural machinery began. Based firmly in the Alsatian agricultural region, the company steadily grew over the coming decades until the Second World War. It was during this period that a partnership was formed with the Swiss company BUCHER-GUYER, leading to renewed growth and a move towards designing and building mechanised farm machinery, immediately recognised for its extremely high quality.

The 1980s saw the further expansion of the company with computer technology incorporated into every facet of the business and the inauguration of an international dealer network. The next two decades saw Kuhn grow internationally with an ever-expanding range of world-class products to the point where they were able to acquire already established businesses such as the American manufacturer Knight. To this day, the Kuhn Group continues to expand and manufacture some of the world’s finest farming and agricultural equipment with a brand that is recognised throughout the industry.

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