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    Our lawnmower starter kit includes a choice engine oil, Briggs & Stratton fuel fit additive (250ml), a plastic 5 litre capacity fuel can, and a 4” plastic funnel with a gauze filter.

    When you’ve purchased a brand new lawnmower, you’re probably going to want to play with your new toy straight away. For that reason, we provide each of our customers with the correct grade of oil for their machine free with purchase of a petrol mower. You’ll also need petrol (or alkylate fuel like Aspen), but unfortunately we’re unable to ship fuels so you will need to purchase either petrol from your local petrol station, or Aspen for your nearest dealer. We want your lawnmower to work hard for you for years to come, and so we strongly recommend a few other items to help improve the running of your new mower. This useful starter kit includes some lawnmower essentials.

    Fuel should always be stored in a clean, dry fuel can to prevent contaminants damaging your lawnmower. Even specks of dirt or small fragments of rust mixed in with the petrol can cause running problems, fuel system damage, and performance issues. To alleviate this, our lawnmower starter kit contains a new plastic fuel can. We prefer plastic to metal jerry cans as the metal can rust and flake off into your fuel, causing blockages in the carburetor jets. We have also included a 4 inch funnel with gauze to filter out anything potentially problematic for your engine – if you buy nothing else for your mower, a funnel with a filter is really a must.

    To help the fuel last longer, you will find a bottle of Briggs & Stratton fuel fit in your box. This will help maintain a high level of performance, prevent corrosion, and help stabilise fuel for up to three years. Without treatment, modern fuels can degrade in as little as 30 days, and stale fuel can result in significant starting problems (which is why we recommend draining your mower of petrol before winter storage). The 250ml bottle of Fuel Fit is enough to treat 25 litres of unleaded petrol. Add 10ml of fuel fit to every litre of petrol in the fuel can and mix well before adding to the engine.

    Our kits are available with two different grades of four-stroke oil – 10W40 for lawnmowers with Honda engines, or SAE30 oil for Briggs & Stratton engines (as well as other non-Honda engine manufacturer). This starter kit offers excellent value, and with everything you need to get started, as well as significantly improve the running life of your lawnmower, you’ll find that they are well worth investing in.

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    Technical Specifications

    Both kits contain a 5 litre plastic fuel can, Briggs & Stratton Fuel Fit (250ml), and a plastic 4" funnel with gauze for filtering petrol.
    The kit for Honda engines includes a 1 litre bottle of 10W40 engine oil, and the Briggs & Stratton engine kit contains a 600ml bottle of SAE30 oil.
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    1 – 2 working days


    Briggs & Stratton Engines (SAE30 Oil), Honda Engine (10W40 Oil)

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