Efco MT 2600 Top-Handle Pruning Chainsaw – 25cm Bar

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Designed for professional tree surgeons, the MT 2600 25cm pruning chainsaw has a bite belied by its modest size. Compact and lightweight (only 2.8kg), the MT 2600 is powered by a nippy little 25.4cc two-stroke petrol engine.

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Top-handled chainsaws are only available to qualified tree surgeons with a CS39 certificate.

Like the small but deadly piranha fish, Efco’s MT 2600 10” top-handle pruning chainsaw has a bite belied by its modest size. Thankfully, unlike the piranha, Efco’s MT 2600 doesn’t swim in shoals and is significantly more user-friendly than any predatory fish. Designed for professional tree surgeons, the MT 2600 offers an excellent combination of power, lightweight construction and ease of handling, making this saw the perfect tool for professional pruning and maintenance of olive and fruit trees, as well as other woody plants.

The MT 2600 is powered by a compact 25.4cc two-stroke petrol engine, providing a maximum power output of 0.9kW at 12,500rpm. This is more than enough heft to cut through small to medium diameter branches with ease, yet the reduced dimensions of the engine mean that the MT 2600 remains exceptionally manoeuvrable. With a low weight of only 2.8kg (without cutting gear) this is also an impressively portable machine, with an integrated belt hook included to free up your hands while attempting to gain access to branches for cutting. The low weight and compact design also work in conjunction with the MT 2600’s effective anti-vibration system to prevent strain or fatigue over prolonged periods of operation, so even the toughest cutting work is pleasingly stress-free with this outstanding machine.

Fitted as standard with a sturdy 25cm (10”) guide bar and a 3/8” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain, the MT 2600’s high cutting speed makes it especially efficient when taking on lighter pruning work. To ensure optimal performance and exceptional convenience at all times, moreover, the MT 2600 also features a lateral chain tensioner screw, designed to make tightening the chain quick and efficient, along with an automatic oil pump; made from tough aluminium to ensure long lasting performance, the automatic pump regulates oil flow to the chain and can also be easily adjusted to suit the conditions at hand (e.g., consistency of wood being cut, environmental conditions, bar and chain combination, etc.).

Part of Efco’s top of the line ‘Sharp Pro’ range, the MT 2600 is therefore a truly professional machine designed for those who need a chainsaw which they can trust to perform day in, day out no matter what the situation at hand, but which is also light and portable enough to allow unimpeded movement in challenging conditions. Not a bad little chainsaw, in other words (this chainsaw must be used only for tree surgery by certified tree surgeons).

*Make sure you are using your chainsaw safely and read our free advice article when you have a spare moment.

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: 25.4cc       
Power source: Petrol/oil mix    
Bar length: 25cm      
Chain:   3/8” x .050” with chain tensioner  
Fuel tank:   0.23-litres      
Oil tank:   0.16-litres      
Oil pump:   Yes      
Weight:   2.8kg      
Warranty:   2-year      
Weight 4 kg
Bar Length

About Efco
Giacomo Ferretti set the foundations of the Efco brand on the road to success back in 1978, spotting an opportunity to satisfy an Italian market beginning to demand high quality outdoor power tools. He responded by producing Efco lawnmowers, brush cutters, and chainsaws. Due to the high quality of the machinery made, the manufacturing of these products soon developed an enviable reputation amongst forestry and agricultural workers, users that demanded the best performance possible from their equipment. Sales of Efco lawnmowers began to soar during the intervening years and the Efco brand is now internationally recognised as a leader in the field of garden machinery manufacturing.

They take their role very seriously though, and were the first company in this sector to achieve official certification in three crucial areas of business sustainability: the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality in 1996, the SA 8000:2008 certificate for ethical processes of production in 2006 and the ISO 14001:2004, recognising Efco's efforts to reduce their impact on the environment with an ongoing commitment to become Carbon Neutral starting in 2010.

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