Oregon PS250-E6 Cordless Pole Pruner

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    Oregon’s cordless range offers truly exceptional battery-powered tools suitable for professional and home users alike, with the PS250 Pole Pruner an excellent example of the species. On the one hand it provides the same outstanding cutting performance and portability as a petrol machine, enabling you to work with freedom on larger properties and tackling even thicker branches with ease. Yet on the other hand it delivers the same user-friendliness as an electric tool, with zero emissions, significantly reduced noise levels, instantaneous starting and no need for fiddly refuelling.

    This is possible thanks to the Oregon PS250’s efficient electric motor and 36V/2.4Ah lithium-ion battery pack, which utilises the latest battery technology for increased run time and a longer service life. Supplied complete with a charger so that you can set to work without delay every time, the PS250 Pole Pruner is thus ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas where petrol tools would cause an unwelcome disturbance.

    At the business end of the PS250 we find a 20cm (8”) chainsaw bar and 3/8″ Micro-Lite™ Narrow-Kerf chain, providing enough bite to take on challenging pruning work with complete confidence. The Oregon PS250 also features an extendable shaft, which can be quickly and simply adjusted from 2.2m to 3.1m (7’ 3” to 10’ 4”) without the need for any additional tools. This makes it even easier to cut branches at a height, allowing you to work from a safe standing position instead of having to climb rickety ladders.

    Oregon’s PS250 Pole Pruner is thus an enviably effective tool, with the same attention to detail and engineering expertise present throughout its design. The mid-mount motor, for instance, improves overall balance, reducing the elevated weight and making it easier to cut accurately. And since Oregon’s battery packs are compatible with all tools in the cordless range, you can even create a complete cordless system for all of your horticultural needs.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: Motor    
    Power source: 36V B400E 2.4 Ah Battery Pack
    Starting method: Push-button  
    Fuel tank capacity: N/a    
    Handlebars: N/a    
    Anti-vibration system: N/a    
    Harness:   N/a    
    Cutting System: R34 3/8" x .043" low profile™ 
    Cutting width: N/a    
    Adjustable length: N/a    
    Weight:   4.9kg    
    Warranty:   3-year     
    Weight 6 kg
  • Brand
    About Oregon
    You perhaps wouldn’t have thought that the timber beetle, a creature whose larva buries deep into wood while it develops, would be an obvious candidate for having inspired a revolution in chainsaw technology, but the world is a surprising place sometimes. The logger and inventor Joseph Burford Cox was almost certainly surprised when, after several months of searching for a way to improve the chains used on early petrol powered chainsaws, he had an epiphany in the shape of the jaws of a grub.

    The story goes that Joseph was chopping firewood one chilly autumn day in 1946 when he became distracted by the sight of a timber beetle larva, roughly the size of a man’s forefinger, easily chewing its way through the tough wood of a tree stump. It occurred to Joseph that the larva's alternating C-shaped jaws could be the solution for which he had been looking and set to work in the basement workshop of his home in Portland, Oregon, eventually emerging with a ground-breaking new saw chain. The basic design of Joseph Cox’s chain is still evident today in modern chipper type chains, which is impressive given that it was inspired by a creature often considered a pest.

    Joseph didn’t stop there though, and he and his wife, Alice, founded The Oregon Saw Chain Co. in 1947. Over the decades that followed The Oregon Saw Chain Co. grew, grew and grew some more, eventually morphing from a small operation run out of the Cox household basement into a massive multinational corporation, especially under the guidance of John Gray, who purchased the company from Cox in 1953. The Oregon Co. is also notable for its pioneering research into reducing the hazards of bar-nose kickback during the 1960s and ‘70s. The technology developed by Oregon helped to vastly improve chainsaw safety and Oregon engineers were heavily involved in the years of work that finally, in 1985, resulted in the kickback-performance requirements found in the voluntary chain saw safety standard known as ANSI B175.1.

    Today, the Oregon brand continues to be an industry leader in more than a hundred countries around the world. With over sixty years of experience in the business and a continuing dedication to safety, ease of use and innovation, the company is now well known across the globe for the reliability and quality of its products. As such, it’s fair to say that the Oregon Co. has come a long way since its beginning with a man out in the woods watching a bug chew wood.
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