SCH 36-inch Budget Slitter Attachment

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SCH 36-inch Budget Slitter Attachment

The slitter is used to perforate the soil with small holes to improve drainage and allow air penetration to the roots, which encourages growth.  The deterioration of pitch quality over the rainy seasons force many clubs to postpone, cancel and reduce the number of games played.  The regular use of a slitter will help to keep the mud at bay.

This unit must be used in conjunction with the 36″ roller tool carrier.


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SCH 36-inch Budget Slitter Attachment

While most home gardeners and business owners would love to keep the grass on and around their properties looking rich, healthy and verdant, many a lawn has ended up patchy and faded due to a lack of essential care. Thanks to SCH’s Budget Lawn Care range, however, there is no reason why keeping a lawn looking great shouldn’t be easy for anyone, with a wide variety of ready-built, robust tools available at eminently affordable prices. This 36″ tow-behind SCH Budget Lawn Slitter accessory, for example, simply attaches to your ride-on mower and enables routine lawn maintenance to be performed with pleasing efficiency.

Aeration is important because grass needs access to air and water in order to grow, but soil compaction makes it difficult for these vital substances to penetrate to the grass roots. Aerating involves cutting into the lawn surface so that oxygen, moisture and nutrients can get to where they are needed and thus helps to ensure that your lawn stays healthy year after year. Ideally this should be done at least annually, and for best results aeration should be conducted in either the spring or the autumn when the weather is warm but not too dry so that your lawn can recover quickly.

On smaller lawns you can do this with a garden fork, but manual aeration in larger gardens is often a long-winded and strenuous business. With the SCH tow-behind slitter’s 91.5cm (36″) working width, on the other hand, even the largest lawns can be maintained with ease. Once attached to your garden tractor or ride-on mower, the aerator uses a rotating drum of hardwearing aeration blades to cut into the surface of your lawn at a depth of up to 7.5cm (3″) (as well as ensuring that grass has access to oxygen and moisture, this also performs a little root pruning to encourage new root growth so that your lawn will look its best). Sturdily built using high quality materials for added resistance to damage and corrosion, this tough slitter is therefore perfect for those who love a healthy green lawn almost as much as they love a bargain (slitter accessory must be used in conjunction with the SCH 36″ roller/tool carrier attachment, available separately).

Technical Specifications

Weight 40 kg
About SCH
“A British manufacturing success story.” The self-proclaimed statement from the manufacturer themselves and one that is difficult to argue with. From the most unlikely of beginnings back in 1986, born of the frustration found at not being able to find suitable garden maintenance accessories for personal use, Managing Director of SCH Supplies, Andrew Rodwell, decided to make his own instead. A reputation of quality manufacturing and practical design was soon established amongst friends and colleagues - his first customers - and from there a business slowly took shape.

Since these early days the range of products available has grown considerably. The most popular items such as garden trailers, sprayers, water units and bowsers, lawn spreaders, broadcasters and leaf sweepers have become firm favourites with equine centres, sports clubs and estate owners. A fire that wiped out virtually all of their stock in 1995 and an unstable economic climate of recent years has not halted progress at SCH, who, together with an unfailingly loyal workforce have carved a unique space of their own in a competitive environment. The quality and durability of SCH equipment is far superior to the flat-packed alternatives that have taken grip of the market in recent years and is certainly the foremost reason why a 1,000+ nationwide network of SCH dealerships are proud to offer advice to their customers on some the best garden tractor accessories available today.

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