SnowEx Mini-Pro SP-575 Salt Spreader

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    One of the many and various tasks necessitated by the onset of winter is ice and snow management, especially since slipping on icy ground is a major cause of accidents during this time of year. This can be done manually if you’re the sort of person who likes standing around in the cold shovelling grit and snow, but the more sensible of us will look to SnowEx’s impressive range of utility spreaders for a more effective solution. Ideal for councils, farmers, contractors and private estate owners, the SP-575 Mini-Pro utility spreader enables the quick and efficient clearance of ice and snow from larger areas without freezing your proverbials off in the process.

    A high quality utility spreader designed for professional use, with the correct mounting (available separately) the SP-575 can be fitted to a range of standard commercial vehicles, from 4x4s and ATVs to tractors and forklift trucks, for a cost-effective winter risk management solution. Once attached to your vehicle you can load the 163 litre hopper with up to 208.7kg of bagged rock salt or calcium flakes for distribution, with a 25.4cm nylon/glass reinforced resin spinner and a 12V electric motor in a sealed drive unit providing a maximum spreading width of up to 12.2m. Spreading width and density can be easily adjusted on-the-go thanks to an in-cab variable speed controller and by changing the speed of your vehicle, with a higher spinner speed offering a wider spread.

    The convenience of the in-cab control system shouldn’t be underestimated (and not just because you get to stay in the warm while you work). The ability to adjust the spreading width as you work means you can adapt performance according to the area you are working in (with a wider spread tackling open spaces such as car parks efficiently but a narrower spread allowing for greater precision when required), while a “blast” mode provides an instant power boost for greater coverage in particular areas. What’s more the SP-575 is also supplied with a top filter screen and lid as standard to help ensure optimal performance, while for added versatility it can also be customised for use with calcium chloride pellets and bagged ice melters with the simple addition of the GAK-020 Gate Assembly Kit (available separately).

    Designed for long lasting performance, the SP-575 is also reassuringly durable and easy to maintain. It’s simplified design, for example, means that there are no pulleys, sprockets, chains or belts to break so service requirements are minimal, while the powder coated steel frame and corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper are both superbly sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Along with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty supplied as standard, this means you can depend on SnowEx’s SP-575 to provide a long and reliable service life.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications


    Length: 630mm
    Height: 890mm
    Width: 960mm
    Spreading width: 1.5m - 12m 
    Spinner diameter : 254mm
    Hopper capacity: 163 litres
    Weight (empty): 48kg 
    Warranty: 2 Years
    Weight 48 kg
  • Brand
    About SnowEx
    A recognised brand for anyone involved in the snow and ice clearance industry, SnowEx have won a hard earned reputation for being one of the foremost manufacturers of vehicle mounted snow removal solutions. Their roots were not originally involved in the manufacturing industry however; they were a small snow removal company established in 1977 and were continually frustrated with the inferior equipment that manufacturers of the time were producing. Instead of taking the put-up-and-shut-up approach, SnowEx decided to modify these inferior products to suit their needs.

    Not content with modification, they eventually manufactured their first product in 1993, a low profile salt spreader with a poly-constructed hopper - the first of its kind. To follow was another first - a swing-away mount for tailgate operated salt and ice-melt spreaders. The following years have seen continual development and manufacturing of new products from the company headquarters in Oaklands, Michigan. With a vision to be leaders in the industry, SnowEx show no signs of slowing down with innovations such as the Patented Auger Transmission System and Salt-Traxx Digital Job Tracker keeping them ahead of the competition in snow and ice management products.
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