SnowEx SD-95 Pedestrian Salt Spreader

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    From the comfort of home (where the wonders of modern central heating make life much more bearable) the transformative effect of winter can seem idyllic; sparkling icicles, drifts of snow, morning frost forming on a spider’s web and glittering in the light as the sun hangs low on the horizon… The problem is that when you step outside onto an icy footpath you’re liable to slip up and land flat on your rear, which is at best undignified and at worst a serious health hazard. This needn’t be the case, however, with SnowEx’s SD-95 drop spreader providing a remarkably simple method of clearing snow and ice from all pavements, walkways and paths.

    Suitable for commercial use and designed to handle sand, bagged rock salt and ice melter pellets, the SD-95 features a high capacity 76 litre hopper and offers a maximum spreading width of 71.1cm. Unlike a broadcast spreader, which uses a spinning disc to fling spreading media ahead and to the sides, the SD-95 simply drops its load as you advance and will ‘roll out’ a carpet of salt or grit in your wake, thereby conserving material usage and protecting nearby vegetation from damage caused by overspreading. This makes it perfect for use in public areas with paths running alongside lawns or flowerbeds, or in any situation where precision is a priority.

    The flow rate, moreover, is easily adjusted via a simple rotating cam wheel, thereby allowing you to quickly adapt the spread produced to suit the job at hand. Along with the ten gauge wire screen (which prevents larger chunks of grit from entering the hopper) and a transparent top cover (which keeps spreading media dry in damp conditions), this means you can rest assured of optimal performance at all times. Further ease of operation, meanwhile, is ensured by the SD-95’s lightweight design, large pneumatic tyres and ergonomic handles, all of which contribute to the spreader’s impressive manoeuvrability on ice, snow and slush. Finally, as it is designed for professional use the SD-95 is also built for durability and reliability, with the sturdy powder coated steel frame ensuring reassuring stability during operation and the hardwearing polyethylene hopper completely corrosion-resistant. As SnowEx’s SD-95 will offer years of dependable service and will always be ready to go when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications

    Length: 141.9cm 
    Height: 91.4cm 
    Width: 97.2cm 
    Spreading width: 7.1m 
    Hopper capacity: 76 litres
    Weight (empty): 24.9kg
    Weight 25 kg
  • Brand
    About SnowEx
    A recognised brand for anyone involved in the snow and ice clearance industry, SnowEx have won a hard earned reputation for being one of the foremost manufacturers of vehicle mounted snow removal solutions. Their roots were not originally involved in the manufacturing industry however; they were a small snow removal company established in 1977 and were continually frustrated with the inferior equipment that manufacturers of the time were producing. Instead of taking the put-up-and-shut-up approach, SnowEx decided to modify these inferior products to suit their needs.

    Not content with modification, they eventually manufactured their first product in 1993, a low profile salt spreader with a poly-constructed hopper - the first of its kind. To follow was another first - a swing-away mount for tailgate operated salt and ice-melt spreaders. The following years have seen continual development and manufacturing of new products from the company headquarters in Oaklands, Michigan. With a vision to be leaders in the industry, SnowEx show no signs of slowing down with innovations such as the Patented Auger Transmission System and Salt-Traxx Digital Job Tracker keeping them ahead of the competition in snow and ice management products.
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