Defenders STV073 Defenders Large Wildlife Cage Trap


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This large wildlife cage trap is ideal for the capture and relocation of foxes, badgers and other nuisance animals that can cause considerable damage in rural and urban areas.


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This Fox & Wildlife Trap from Defenders is 147 x 66 x 43cm in size and is ideal for catching and removing foxes, badgers and other wild animals of a similar size from your garden or farmland.

A welfare-friendly means of pest control, the STV073 also features double carrier handles for more comfortable transportation and release of the captured animal. The removable bait holder meanwhile makes it a lot easier to position the bait within the cage. This is placed at the rear of the trap so that the animal will step on the pressure plate in order to reach it, thus causing the door of the cage to close.

You should wear gloves at all times when both laying the bait, as you may leave traces of human odour which could warn the animals off, and also as a safety precaution when you are transporting and releasing the animal. 


Technical Specifications

A welfare-friendly large-sized (147 x 66 x 43cm) cage trap perfect for catching and removing foxes, badgers and other similar-sized wild animals from your garden/land
Featuring double carrier handles for comfortable removal of the animal
Also featuring a removable bait holder for easier laying of the bait


Weight5 kg
About Defenders
Our gardens can play host to all sorts of unwelcome visitors, ranging from errant wildlife looking for an easy meal to neighbourhood tomcats who fail to understand property laws and therefore think that your garden is their territory. There are plenty of options available should these itinerant critters outstay their welcome, however, with STV’s Defenders range providing all sorts of deterrents, traps, cages and ingenious solutions to keeping your garden free from undesirable guests.

Cats and dogs, for example, can be kept at bay with STV’s repellent sprays, granules and pickle strips (spiky polypropylene strips which you can install at the top or bottom of fences to deter any creature which didn’t understand that a fence means “No Entry Allowed”), or even with a hi-tech sonic repeller. Once scattered/sprayed/installed all of these provide an effective non-harmful method of deterring neighbourhood pets from invading your private space and fouling your garden, so you won’t ever have to deal with the slightly unpleasant experience of finding mysterious cat poo in your vegetable patch any more.

Wildlife can be a bit trickier, of course, as Mother Nature is a wily old girl and her animal minions often follow suit. Ants, slugs and insects are prolific little things, but with the various traps, sprays and powders produced by STV they are easy enough to deal with. Moles, meanwhile, are sneaky subterranean characters, busying away out of sight beneath your feet as they dig their runs. This can, in fact, help to aerate the soil in your garden, but may also disturb roots and detract from the attractiveness of formal lawns by leaving heaps of excavated soil on the surface. You may therefore wish to invest in some mole granules or a sonic mole repeller, which offer a non-lethal option for deterring moles, but we also stock a few lethal traps if you would prefer a more permanent solution.

To keep birds and other wildlife away, finally, we have bird spikes, sprays, decoys, pickle strips and scarers galore, along with traps and cages of all shapes and sizes (we also have camouflage covers for the traps, so even the smartest rats and squirrels won’t see what you have in store for them). STV’s Defenders range therefore includes products to deal with just about any uninvited critter imaginable, covering everything from the tiniest insects to fully grown deer, so whatever your particular problem might be there is bound to be a simple but effective solution available.

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