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Toro 20958 55cm Steel Deck Recycler BBC petrol Lawnmower

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This mower is ideal for large sized gardens and offers excellent 3-in-1 versatility (rear collection, side discharge and recycling functions), as well as excellent performance thanks to features like the blade brake clutch and Recycle-on-Demand function.

Optional Extras:

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Product Description

Featuring a wide 55cm steel cutting deck, Toro’s 20958 Recycler® Mower is perfect for tackling large-sized lawns. It also offers a great deal of versatility thanks to its three modes of cut, and allows you to work safely, comfortably, and in a time-efficient manner.

The Toro 20958 features three cutting capabilities: side discharge, rear collection, and the Recycler® mulching option. The side discharge function is most useful when you are dealing with grass that is particularly long and thick, as it ejects the grass back out of the mower and prevents the blade from becoming clogged. The rear collection option meanwhile is handy for when conditions are not ideal for recycling, such as at the start or end of the season, or when the grass has not been cut for a while. For this function, the mower is equipped with a large 74 litre capacity grassbag, its excellent size reducing the number of stops required to empty it. This mower can also be used as a leaf shredder and collector, if you raise the mower to its highest cutting height. Finally, the Recycler® function cuts and re-cuts the grass up to 15 times before returning the clippings to the ground, pushing them down into the turf where they will rapidly decompose and provide vital nutrients and moisture for the soil. This recycling feature is not only good for your lawn, encouraging the growth of healthy green grass, it is also a great time-saver for you as it eliminates the need to stop and empty the grassbag. Time is also saved meanwhile by the recycle-on-demand lever, allowing you to change the mower from grass collection to recycling mode in an instant. The 20958’s cutting height adjustment system similarly provides pleasingly versatile cutting performance with heights available from 22mm to 102mm, adjusted by levers on the wheels and preparing the mower for a wide variety of grass conditions.

Ease of use meanwhile is ensured by the mower’s variable speed AutoMatic Drive System. This clever design feature matches your speed so that when you slow down or speed up, the mower mirrors your movements. This removes a lot of the effort required to push the 20958 and makes mowing a far less strenuous activity. Power is provided by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton® Series 675 Quantum engine, boasting a light and quiet design and proving to be a long-lasting piece of equipment thanks to its full engine lubrication. Starting it is also easy thanks to the recoil handle positioned three quarters of the way up the handlebar, ensuring that you don’t need to bend down. The wheels meanwhile feature smooth-running ball bearings for easier movement and greater durability.

Safety and convenience are also guaranteed at all times thanks to Toro’s other design features. This mower is equipped with Operator Presence Control, which is a safety lever used to stop the engine and cutting blade completely. This gives you complete control over the mower at all times and is close to the handlebar for quick and easy access. The blade brake clutch meanwhile just stops the blade, enabling the engine to continue running. This is particularly useful for when you need to empty the grassbag or travel over different terrain; for example a gravel driveway, while also saving you time as you don’t need to stop and restart the engine. Finally, when you have finished mowing, the washout port allows you to connect a hose and easily clean grass cuttings from under the deck, preventing build-ups and maintaining the mower’s high-quality performance. Weight: 41kg

Product Features

• Featuring a 55cm steel cutting deck perfect for tackling large-sized lawns

• 3-in-1 versatility offers side discharge, rear collection and recycling functions 

• Featuring patented Recycler® technology for excellent mulching performance, cutting and re-cutting grass clippings up to 15 times 

• Recycle-on-Demand: one lever allows you to instantly switch from grass collection to recycling mode

• Featuring an AutoMatic Drive System, matching your pace as you speed up and slow down, with propulsion provided by a quiet-running 190cc Briggs & Stratton® Series 675 Quantum engine

• Easy movement and a long-life promised by the mower’s wheels, fitted with smooth-running ball bearings

• Offering an adjustable height of cut, with heights between 25mm and 102mm selected by levers on the mower’s wheels (leaf collection is also possible if the mower is used on its highest height setting)

• Equipped with a large 74 litre capacity grassbag, ensuring less time is spent emptying the cuttings

• Blade brake clutch allows you to keep the engine running but stop the cutting blade, proving very useful for travelling over different terrain or emptying the grassbag

• Washout port allows you to connect a hose and clean the underside of the cutting deck, ensuring the mower continues to operate at peak performance

• Also featuring Operator Presence Control for added safety, allowing you to stop the engine and blade immediately by releasing a lever beside the handlebar

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor:190cc Briggs & Stratton® 675 Series
Power source:Unleaded petrol  
Starting method:Recoil   
Deck material:Steel   
Cutting system:Metal blade  
Cutting width:55cm   
Cutting height:25mm - 102mm  
Blade-brake clutch:Yes   
Collection bag:74-litre   
Mulching function:Yes   
Rear roller:N/a   
Drive system:Self-propelled  
Weight: 41kg   
Warranty: 2-year domestic use  



Weight47 kg
About Toro
Toro are without doubt one of the world’s leading turf care machinery manufacturers, providing both the homeowner and professional user with a range of equipment designed to cater for every eventuality. The company was founded in 1914, not with the intention to create the Toro lawn mowers we know today, but with the singular purpose of providing The Bull Tractor Company with a reliable source of engines. They did this to great effect until the beginning of WW1, when their attentions were turned to providing steering winches for merchant shipping during this time. By 1920, a move into the turf care industry was imminent when five cylinder mower units were attached to a Toro tractor in order to maintain the fairways at The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis. By 1928 a portfolio of industry leading machines had been produced and it was time for Toro to branch out into International territories.

The year of 1938 saw the first production of the Homelawn — the first of the domestic Toro lawn mowers — yet by 1942 all domestic manufacturing of Toro lawn mowers was halted in an effort to build tank, canon and anti-aircraft equipment for the U.S. army during WW2. Expansion follows the disruption of the war years for the next few decades, when Toro expand into new markets with industry firsts, including the snow-throwing Snow Hound in 1952. Further development of the all important turf care equipment saw Toro form a partnership with America’s Super Bowl organisers in 1966 before it moved back into the agricultural scene with industry leading irrigation equipment. The turn of the millennium sees The Toro Company going from strength to strength, continuing to develop Toro lawn mowers and groundbreaking solutions to turf maintenance for professional and domestic customers, whilst at the same time investing time and money back into community projects, resulting in being named Jefferson Award 2012 winner.

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