Toro (20960/21766) All-Wheel Drive Steel Deck Recycler

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    Toro 21766 All-Wheel Drive Steel Deck Recycler is a very useful mower. With a selection of features to make cutting the lawn a more simple job, as well as a wide cutting width to speed up the process, you’ll soon wonder how you managed without it.

    Designed for gardens with an incline, the robust Toro 21766 All-Wheel Drive mower is capable of cutting with ease on inclines of up to 15 degrees. With an automatic drive system, the mower is really very clever and will adjust to your preferred walking pace. The traction control allows for a steady pace while you mow, giving a cleaner cut. Some lawnmowers offer just front or rear wheel drive – all four of the Toro 21766’s wheels are driven. As a result of the front and rear sets engage independently, traction is distributed as needed. This makes it easy to mow on hilly or rough terrain. Cutting in softer wet conditions are also possible.

    The recycling features make mowing quicker as you won’t need to stop to empty the grass bag. If you do choose to collect the clippings, the finer cut will mean the bag can store more clippings and therefore emptying will be less frequent. Switching between the different modes is simple – there’s a simple lever to swap between collection and recycling.

    This mower is perfect for medium to large sized gardens, and comes complete with a 2 year domestic warranty. As we register your Toro mower after dispatch you will be able to take it to any Toro dealer within the warranty period for repairs.

  • Tech Info

    Technical Specifications


    163CC Briggs and Stratton 675 EXI Series

    Power source:

    Unleaded petrol

    Starting method:


    Deck material:


    Cutting system:

    Metal Blade

    Cutting width:


    Cutting height:

    25mm -102mm

    Blade-brake clutch:


    Collection bag:


    Mulching Function:


    Rear roller:


    Drive system:

    Self Propelled 2.0 to 4.2 mph




    2-Year Warranty (homeowner)

    Weight 38 kg
  • Brand
    About Toro
    Toro are without doubt one of the world’s leading turf care machinery manufacturers, providing both the homeowner and professional user with a range of equipment designed to cater for every eventuality. The company was founded in 1914, not with the intention to create the Toro lawn mowers we know today, but with the singular purpose of providing The Bull Tractor Company with a reliable source of engines. They did this to great effect until the beginning of WW1, when their attentions were turned to providing steering winches for merchant shipping during this time. By 1920, a move into the turf care industry was imminent when five cylinder mower units were attached to a Toro tractor in order to maintain the fairways at The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis. By 1928 a portfolio of industry leading machines had been produced and it was time for Toro to branch out into International territories.

    The year of 1938 saw the first production of the Homelawn — the first of the domestic Toro lawn mowers — yet by 1942 all domestic manufacturing of Toro lawn mowers was halted in an effort to build tank, canon and anti-aircraft equipment for the U.S. army during WW2. Expansion follows the disruption of the war years for the next few decades, when Toro expand into new markets with industry firsts, including the snow-throwing Snow Hound in 1952. Further development of the all important turf care equipment saw Toro form a partnership with America’s Super Bowl organisers in 1966 before it moved back into the agricultural scene with industry leading irrigation equipment. The turn of the millennium sees The Toro Company going from strength to strength, continuing to develop Toro lawn mowers and groundbreaking solutions to turf maintenance for professional and domestic customers, whilst at the same time investing time and money back into community projects, resulting in being named Jefferson Award 2012 winner.
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