Westwood T80 Garden Tractor

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  • Manufacturer: Westwood

A ride-on lawnmower handmade using only the finest components, the T80 is fitted with a 122cm XRD cutting deck and features cutting height adjustment, a fuel efficient petrol engine, fully hydrostatic transmission and a number of ergonomic features.


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Please note: Delivery available to Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & North London. 

All of Westwood’s British manufactured garden tractors are supremely high quality machines built for power, performance and durability, but even among the company of its admirable siblings the T80 is a ride-on lawnmower of some distinction. Handmade using only the finest components and heavy-gauge materials, the T80 is a firm favourite with British gardeners faced with the sometimes imposing challenge of mowing a large lawn.

Fitted as standard with a potent 122cm XRD rear discharge cutting deck featuring a three-blade cutting system and electromagnetic clutch for quick and simple engagement, the T80 is designed for use in larger gardens where power and efficiency are paramount. Cutting height can be adjusted to one of ten positions (12mm-101mm) to ensure vital versatility, and, for the best possible results the T80 can also be equipped with a 300 litre powered grass collector (available separately). Rather than relying on air-flow like most conventional grass collectors, Westwood’s powered collectors use a spindle of brushes to sweep clippings into the grass bag; this innovative collection system is designed to prevent clogging, thereby ensuring reliable performance even in wet grass (so often the drizzle-induced bane of the British gardener).

Power is provided by a fuel efficient and quiet running 603cc Kawasaki FR541V petrol engine, air-cooled to help ensure optimum performance and a long service life. Furthermore, the inclusion of fully hydrostatic transmission makes the T80 remarkably easy to control; depressing one pedal controls the infinitely variable forward speed, and the other pedal is for reverse. The T80 also features a handy power take-off fitting which can be used to drive a number of powered accessories, including a broadcast spreader, an aerator and Westwood’s famous powered grass collectors.

As well as providing incredible performance and versatility, the T80’s build incorporates a number of features designed to ensure your convenience and comfort during operation. An ergonomically designed seat, for example, allows you to adjust the seating position for comfort and easier mower operation, while a performance indicator mounted on the dashboard provides important information about how your mower is running to help ensure optimal cutting results are achieved. This attention to detail is what makes Westwood’s T80 the kind of lawnmower capable of inspiring deep and abiding envy deep in the hearts your friends and neighbours, as well as (more importantly) producing a pristine finish on larger lawns.

Technical Specifications

Engine/motor: 603cc Kawasaki FS541V V-Twin OHV
Power source: Unleaded petrol    
Fuel tank capacity: N/a      
Starting method: Key      
Drive system: Hydrostatic / foot controlled  
Cutting system: Triple rotary blade    
Cutting width: 122cm      
Cutting height: 12 -101mm    
Collection bag: 300-litres      
Mulching function: N/a      
Turning circle: N/a      
Dimensions: 112 x 97 x 175  
Warranty:   2-year (subject to annual service)
About Westwood
Westwood is a British manufacturing success story. Based just outside Oxford, the company has been producing high quality, state of the art garden tractors for over thirty years. In that time, Westwood has become a word synonymous with quality among those in the know and Westwood's garden tractors are famous for providing long lasting, superbly reliable performance. This is because every employee is passionate about constantly improving every part of the manufacturing process, with a deep understanding of how their machines perform in real life situations a core part of the development process.

Westwood’s tractors are also a little different from most though, as they are specifically designed to cope with the British climate. As such, all electronic controls are fully weatherproofed, while painted components have been tested with 500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure to ensure they are protected against corrosion. Even more impressive, however, is Westwood’s unique collection system, designed to make it easy to cut wet grass without having to worry about clogging.

Luckily, Westwood garden tractors cut and collect in a totally different way than most lawnmowers as the system doesn’t rely on air flow to collect grass cuttings. Instead, the Westwood collector uses a spindle of brushes driven by the tractor’s power take-off to sweep grass clippings from your lawn and into the hopper, leaving a pristine lawn surface behind in its wake. The Powered Grass Collector is effective in wet or dry conditions and out-performs every other type of collector on the market, ensuring that you can achieve a perfect cut and a tidy finish regardless of the conditions underfoot. Moreover, Westwood’s Powered Grass Collectors are also fitted with a heavy rear roller capable of producing a crisp stripe effect as you mow for an even more luxurious finish.

In addition to this fantastic innovative system, Westwood garden tractors are tough, user-friendly and truly built to last, making them perfect for serious home gardeners and lawn care professionals alike. If you apply online (at http://www.westwoodtractors.com/demo/) you can even request a free home demonstration so that you can see exactly what a Westwood tractor can do (at which point we're pretty sure you’ll decide you want one).

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