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Westwood V25-50HE High Grass Mulching Garden Tractor

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Fitted with one of Westwood’s unique high grass mulching decks with an impressive 107cm cutting width, the V25-50HE is a ride-on mower perfect for clearing large areas of scrubland. Powered by an efficient 726cc Kawasaki petrol engine.

Product Description

Please note: delivery is only available within a 50 mile radius of our Ipswich and Norwich depots for all ride on lawnmowers.

When clearing out an overgrown paddock or meadow, thick with brambles, weeds, thistles and nettles, there are a number of options available to you: 1) Put on some thick gloves, get down on your hands and knees and start pulling; 2) hire an outside contractor or farmer to come in and do the work for you; 3) buy a herd of goats. However, all of these options have their own problems: i) Manual clearing is tiring, inefficient and often unpleasant work; ii) hiring an outsider is expensive and at best a short term solution; and iii) you are now responsible for a herd of hungry, unruly goats. If none of these alternatives sound particularly appealing, Westwood’s V25-50HE high grass mulching lawn tractor may be the answer to your mowing-based prayers.

Fitted with one of Westwood’s unique high grass mulching decks with an impressive 107cm cutting width, the V25-50HE is a machine perfect for clearing even the largest areas of scrubland. The tough high grass mulching deck features six hardened steel blades and a heavy-duty housing which flattens tall grass and forces it into the cutting chamber, while chains at the front and rear ensure all material is cut by the blades. The miniscule mulched clippings are then returned to the soil from whence they came, helping to promote healthy growth by recycling vital moisture and nutrients.

The V25-50HE can also be used as a traditional cut and collection mower for maintaining fine or formal lawns, especially as ten-position height of cut adjustment ensures the versatility and precision necessary to deal with a wide range of grass conditions. The optional 390 litre powered grass collector available for this machine uses an innovative sweeping action to collect clippings while preventing clogging and features a heavy rear roller to produce a classic striped finish as you mow, while electric lift and emptying makes clipping disposal as simple as pressing a button.

Power to the V25-50HE is delivered by an efficient 726cc Kawasaki FR730V four-stroke OHV petrol engine and fully hydrostatic transmission and differential locking work together to further improve the mower’s already impressive maneouvrability and traction. Further convenience is offered by a range of noteworthy features, including dashboard mounted performance indicator, a failsafe parking brake, an ergonomically designed driver’s seat (complete with comfortable armrests) and even a cup holder (for on-the-mow refreshment). The V25-50HE thus takes all of hassle out of clearing large areas of scrub or overgrown grass, while Westwood’s legendary build quality and engineering excellence mean that you can trust the V25-50HE to deliver excellent results time after time.

Product Features

Powered by a quiet-running 726cc Kawasaki FR730V four-stroke OHV petrol engine, air-cooled for optimum performance, superb reliability and a longer service life 

• User friendly hydrostatic transmission for the added control necessary for precise mowing around borders and obstacles; also featuring differential lock for improved traction on wet or slippery ground

• Featuring a heavy-duty 107cm (42”) high grass mulching deck, designed to make clearing even the largest areas of scrubland and high grass quick and simple

• Optional 390 litre powered grass collector (available separately) enables use of the V25-50HE as a traditional cut and collection mower on fine or formal lawns

• Electrically assisted lifting and emptying makes clipping disposal effortless, even when the collector is full of heavy, wet grass

• Easy to operate ten-position height of cut adjustment (12mm-101mm) included for added versatility in a range of grass conditions

• Power take-off enables the use of a range of powered accessories, including a scarifier unit and a powerful broadcast spreader

• Dashboard mounted performance indicator, ergonomically designed driver’s seat, noise-reducing bonnet, impact-resistant bullbar and failsafe parking brake included for added convenience and protection

About Westwood
Westwood is a British manufacturing success story. Based just outside Oxford, the company has been producing high quality, state of the art garden tractors for over thirty years. In that time, Westwood has become a word synonymous with quality among those in the know and Westwood's garden tractors are famous for providing long lasting, superbly reliable performance. This is because every employee is passionate about constantly improving every part of the manufacturing process, with a deep understanding of how their machines perform in real life situations a core part of the development process.

Westwood’s tractors are also a little different from most though, as they are specifically designed to cope with the British climate. As such, all electronic controls are fully weatherproofed, while painted components have been tested with 500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure to ensure they are protected against corrosion. Even more impressive, however, is Westwood’s unique collection system, designed to make it easy to cut wet grass without having to worry about clogging.

Luckily, Westwood garden tractors cut and collect in a totally different way than most lawnmowers as the system doesn’t rely on air flow to collect grass cuttings. Instead, the Westwood collector uses a spindle of brushes driven by the tractor’s power take-off to sweep grass clippings from your lawn and into the hopper, leaving a pristine lawn surface behind in its wake. The Powered Grass Collector is effective in wet or dry conditions and out-performs every other type of collector on the market, ensuring that you can achieve a perfect cut and a tidy finish regardless of the conditions underfoot. Moreover, Westwood’s Powered Grass Collectors are also fitted with a heavy rear roller capable of producing a crisp stripe effect as you mow for an even more luxurious finish.

In addition to this fantastic innovative system, Westwood garden tractors are tough, user-friendly and truly built to last, making them perfect for serious home gardeners and lawn care professionals alike. If you apply online (at http://www.westwoodtractors.com/demo/) you can even request a free home demonstration so that you can see exactly what a Westwood tractor can do (at which point we're pretty sure you’ll decide you want one).

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